Tips to Choose Right Shoes for Pickleball

Looking for pickleball court shoes? Not sure about the key factors? Well, no worry, we are here to help you out. You just can’t grab any pair of shoes for your game, it should be specially designed with the key features. So, after a lot of survey, and taking sports player’s view, we have jotted important key factors to look.

Key Takeaways

  • Pickleball shoes with non-marking sole feature.
  • It should have a solid lateral base to avoid ankle injuries.
  • The right pickleball shoes will give you a cushioned midsole feature and not the hard surface.
  • You cannot wear running or walking shoes for the pickleball game.
Choosing Right Shoes For Pickleball

Keep reading to know the best knowledge about the pickleball shoes. Our guide will definitely help you to choose the right shoes for pickleball match.

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How to Choose Right Shoes for Pickleball?

Before you buy your next pair of pickleball shoes, take a look at the highlighted key factors. It will not only guide you to select the appropriate pickleball shoes, but also add knowledge regarding the features of the shoes. So that you can make a wise decision.

1. Non-marking Sole

Before purchasing pickleball shoes, check whether it has non-marking sole feature or not. As per pickleball court rule, players wearing shoes without non-marking sole feature, are not allowed to enter the court for the match. This is because they don’t want to ruin their court with markings.

Non-marking sole shoes

Non-marking sole shoes are flat, with minimum cleats, which won’t create marking on the court. It is recommended to double-check the non-marking sole feature before buying it.

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2. Solid Lateral Base

The base of the shoes is one of the key factors to consider when choosing the right pickleball shoes. We recommend you to go for the shoes, which offers solid lateral base. This is because while playing the pickleball, most of the body pressure is on the foot. So, if you are not wearing the right shoes, it will lead to ankle injuries.

Solid Lateral Base Shoes

Wearing the right pickleball shoes with strong base will allow you to smoothly execute your shots. Plus, comfortably, you can twist your ankle for the next move. Don’t forget to check the base of the shoes before adding it to your cart.

3. Cushioned Midsole

When you buy pickleball shoes, make sure they have a cushioned midsole made of foam. This is because, during the game, you need to jump, run from one point to another for playing your best shots. So, if the shoes you are wearing is not comfortable, or soft enough, then it will give impact on your knees and feet, which lead to joint pain, cramp.

Cushioned Midsole Shoes

There is a chance that you will get tired quickly if you wear hard sole shoes, which will hamper your game, and you may lose your match. In addition, the right pickleball shoes will give you a cushioned midsole feature and not the hard surface.

4. Material

One of the important key factor to look while buying pickleball shoe is the material used in the manufacturing of the shoes. Always go for high-quality material, and which is breathable also. This is because while playing the game, you are going to sweat.

Materials of The Shoes

Just like your upper body needs fresh air to breathe, your foot also needs to breathe. For instance, if the upper material of the shoe is not of good quality it will not make the shoe comfortable, and your feet will get affected due to sweat and which might restrict your moves also.

So, we would recommend you to go for the material, which is suitable for sports activity. And if it is of mesh then no looking back, just grab those shoes it is suitable for pickleball game.

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5. Size

Just grabbing a pair of shoes, and putting it in your cart is not enough. You need to check the size, then only you can buy it. If you select the smaller size of shoe, it will create problems only, like it will restrict your move, pinching, rubbing issue, etc.

Size of The Shoes

On the other hand, if buy the larger size than you won’t be able to play, like won’t be getting strong grip, higher chances of falling down, and also might get ankle injuries. So, it is recommended, to look for right shoes which give you strong grip, right size, and comfort.

6. Check the Shoe Weight

One of the factor to look upon while selecting the best pickleball shoe is the weight zone. If you are searching to pickleball shoes to prevent yourself from getting injured. Then go for the shoes, which will give you the higher support base, and this will likely you will get in shoes with heavy weight.

On the other hand, if you just want to play your game smoothly and carry all your move without thinking about the shoe weight. Then in such case, lightweight shoes are perfect for you, as it will give you comfort. Plus, it won’t restrict your move, and will also serve you for longer period of time.

7. Durability

Well, your pickleball shoes durability majorly depend upon the material, and weight. Like, if you are selecting the premium quality material, which is great fit for the outdoor courts, and won’t get affected by the rain, or something else.

In addition, durability also depends upon the weight you are selecting. It has been observed that heavy weight do last for longer period, and lighter one are more preferable as the comfortable one.

So before choosing the right shoes for your pickleball game, make sure that it serves the guarantee. Plus, it is highly durable in nature.

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Can I wear running shoes for pickleball?

No, you cannot wear running or walking shoes for pickleball. This is because it is not design to fulfill all the criteria, such as they are not meant for all the directional movements. If you want to look for the alternative of the pickleball, then you can go for the tennis shoes. It is recommended, as it serve all the criteria, which one pickleball player wants for the comfortable match.

Are pickleball shoes worth it?

If you are an athlete or play pickleball frequently, you should buy pickleball shoes. This is because sports brand or brand which only manufacture pickleball shoes, they focus on the important criteria. Such as they make sure that you get high-quality material, comfortable midsole, light weight, strong base, etc. All this will help you to play your game comfortably, and won’t face any foot injury, muscle issue, or anything else which \can hamper your game.

How can pickleball injuries be prevented?

Well, if you are wearing right shoes, and comfortable one. Then there will be lesser chances of hurting your ankle, or getting foot injuries. This is because your foot will be getting a comfortable base, which allows twisting your ankle smoothly. In addition, it is also suggested before starting the game, do warm-up exercises which includes brisk walk, jog, stretching, cycling, etc. It will help your muscle to relax, and it will decrease the chances of getting injuries.

Can I wear cross-training shoes for pickleball?

Cross-training shoes are delicately designed for the athletes, and solely depend upon individual’s choice. Many sports companies make cross-training shoes for players that they can use to run, train, or play tennis, pickleball type of games. These shoes are comfortable for them.

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