10 Pickleball Strategies for Beginners—All You Need to Know!

Pickleball is a fun sport, many plays just to enjoy, or to carry out physical activity. On the other hand, the majority of the people have real interest in this sport and want to gain more skill and know;ledge to improve and become the expert in this game. Here, we have 10 Pickleball strategies, which will surely help you out to improve your game.

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Key Takeaways

  • The third shot is the most important shot in pickleball, so it’s important to have a mastery on this shot.
  • The most common mistakes players do are move up a bit, smash hits, poor shots, not taking centerline shots, etc.
  • Try callouts to communicate with your teammates to avoid confusion while playing the game.
Pickleball Strategies

So, keep reading to improve your skill, and increase more knowledge about the game, which will help you to win every match with a good score board.

10 Pickleball Strategies to Play Smart

After observing so many matches, and studying the basic rules of executing the pickleball game in the right direction. We have jotted down few pickleball strategies which will surely help you to improve your game, and bring positive outcome.

1. Approach the Non-volley Line

If you want to win the game, then try to be dominating at the net side, and make your opponent to play from the baseline. This is because the more you are at the non-volley line you have the chances of hitting the smash shots, drop shots, high shots, etc.

Approach the Non-volley Line

By applying such tactics you have already taken the game in your favor and now try to focus on your opponent’s weak shots and do not let them come forward and play. In this way, you can secure yourself from getting pinned, and mold the whole game according to your strategy.

2. Try Hitting Drop Shots

Drop shots, are also known as third shot, it is one of the important pickleball strategy, which can help you to win the game. You can try this shot only when you are in defending position and not in serving one, it helps to take away the advantage from your opponent, and twist the game in your side.

Try Hitting Drop Shots

By carrying out such shots, it will help you to fill the unwanted gap between the non-volley zone, and decrease the chances of missing out the shot, or lose points.

3. Hit Deep While Serving Your Shot

You can also try a deep shot while you are serving. In other words, give them long smash hits, which will make them move forward to save their points. Like hitting long and high shot, helps to land deep shots in opponent’s court, and force them to move from their place to defend.

Hitting the shot deep while serving

This will give you time to return to position. If you keep on giving him smashing shots, it increases the chances that they will lose their shot due to dis-balance of their feet, or out of confusion. You can also do one thing, do not play the consecutive shots. Ty to confuse them with multiple shots, and when he is not in a position to take smash hits try it, and surely result will be in your favor only.

4. Aim Shot on Opponents Feet

Another good tactics is to aim shot on your opponent’s feet, try giving him such shots because every time it’s hard to play low shots. You can do one thing, try sending ball up high and give him smash low hit, focusing on his feet.

Hit Shot on Opponents Feets

In this way, you can force your opponent to come closer to the baseline, which will make it difficult for them to defend, and you can gain a point. If you master this trick, then surely win is in your court. Plus, you can create tricky situation for him, and pressure, which will automatically affect his game.

5. Keep Less Gap With Your Teammate

This strategy is for the one who are playing doubles, so if you are playing in team, make sure that you have a good co-ordination with your fellow teammate. In simple words, coordinate with your teammate and maintain the distance as per stated in guidelines.

Maintain less gap with teammate

Plus, always try to move together, if one is playing the defending shot than the other one should be there at the back for the cover-up. If you do not move together, and create a gap, it will give chance to your opponent to take the match on his goal. And he will give you such shots, where you both won’t be able to reach on time, and will lose your point.

6. Focus On Your Opponent’s Weakness

It’s smart to study your opponent’s game or know his tactics, it will help you to gain more points, and ultimately you will rule the game. Let’s understand this strategy via example.

Check on Opponent's Weakness

Suppose your opponent is weak at playing backhand shots, and have full power in forehand drives, then give him more backhand shots. This will weak his game and can gain you more points. Similarly, focus on the other shots also, list down it in your mind and try hitting his weak shots only.

By following such method it will not only lose his mind, or create tension, but as well you will be getting more points and win is in your court.

7. Returning Serve Deep

Another pickleball strategy which can improve your game is returning serve deep. In other words, try to keep your opponent at the service line, because control is more important than power. So, if you keep on defending your shots, and play short shot returns, it will automatically force your opponent to come forward to secure their points.

Serve the ball deep

By applying such tactics, you can make your opponent reach at non-volley zone, which can make their game tricky. Because there will be a chance the ball will bounce back to their court, and this will make them lose the point.

8. Stay Patience

Well, Patience is a key to victory! If you keep your mind state at peace, it will help you to judge the next move right in the game. It might be hard for you to keep calm throughout the game because due to heat of the moment, you might lose your temper, and it can affect your game move.

Be Patience while playing

But, still try to give it a try and follow this staying calm during the game, you will surely see the improvement in your game. So, be patient, and focus on the shot to secure your points.

9. Be in Alert Position With Pickleball Paddle

Staying in alert position with your pickleball paddle up is one of the best pickleball tactics, which a player should know before entering the pickleball court. In other words, it is known as “Pickleball Ready” position where your knees are in a bit bending position, paddles right up facing the forward, and in a head up position.

If your body is in this alert position, it will save the one-step time, where your hands needs to raise up to hit the shot. It will trigger your mind it’s time to hit the shot, and remember try this tactics throughout the game and not just for one shot.

10. Communicate With Your Teammate

Communication is a key! Well, this phrase is important in pickleball also, because it will help you to lead your game in the right direction. Let me explain it to you in a better way.

For instance, before starting the match have a quick discussion with your teammate regarding the middle shots, that who will take that shot. Or you can also do one thing, have word that whoever is close to the ball will take the shot and the other one will give the cover-up. In this way, you can save yourselves from losing your point and will carry good match.

Tip:- Try callouts to communicate with your teammate like Mine, Yours, Slow, Take it, other short words, which can save your time and won’t create confusion while playing the game.


What are the five rule of pickleball?

Five rules of the pickleball are: play one bounce per side, must keep the ball inbounds, cannot land the service at no volley zone, and game can end at 11,15, and 21 points. These are the basic rules, which one player should keep in mind while playing his game.

Which is the most important skill in the pickleball?

Well, Dinking is the most essential skill in the pickleball. A player should know the tactics of executing the Dinking shot, it can likely twist the whole game. This is because if a player execute this powerful overhead shot, it can dis-balance the opponent’s position, and lesser chances that he will be able to defend the shot.

What you should not do in pickleball?

The most common mistakes players make while playing their game. Things like after they serve their shot, they move up a bit, smash hits, poor shots, not taking centerline shots, etc.

The most important shot in pickleball?

The third shot is the most important shot in pickleball. This is because while playing this shot, players lost many points, if they don’t know exactly how to execute the shot. In addition, it is considered the best shot to advance your pickleball techniques to play smart.

Is pickleball easier than tennis?

Well, it has been observed that pickleball is less intense game as compare to tennis. This is because it requires less movement, and is played at the same pace with forward movement. Plus, there are lesser chances of players to get injuries, while playing the pickleball game.

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