The Top 10 Strategies to Beat a Pickleball Banger

Are you tired of getting slammed with high-speed shots from your pickleball opponent? Do you feel like a helpless victim every time you step on the court? Well, fear not! We’ve compiled the top 10 strategies to help you beat even the most ferocious pickleball banger.

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With these tips and tricks, you can outsmart and outmaneuver your opponent quickly. So grab your paddle, and let’s begin dominating the court!

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What Is a Pickleball Banger?

A pickleball banger is a shot that involves hitting the ball as hard as possible for an aggressive return. It’s an advanced technique experienced players use and is designed to pressure the opponent by forcing a mistake or leading to a manageable point.

Pickleball Banger
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The term comes from the sound of the ball “banging” off of the paddle and into your opponent’s court. A banger can be used when you have time to set up for it, when you need to regain control of a rally quickly, or when you’re trying to end a point soon.

It requires power and precision, so it takes practice and familiarity with your equipment to utilize this shot effectively.

10 Strategies to Beat a Pickleball Banger

Pickleball bangers are a prominent type of opponent in the sport. They use strength and quick reactions to hit shots that might be challenging to block. Ten ways to defeat a pickleball banger are listed below:

Strategy to Beat Pickleball Banger
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1. Take Advantage of the Chaos

Pickleball bangers can be challenging and frustrating to opponents. However, with the right strategy, they can be beaten. The key to winning a pickleball banger is taking advantage of the chaos their style creates on the court.

To do this, you must stay focused and avoid getting intimidated by their aggressive style of play.

  • First, you need to stay calm when playing against a banger. Don’t let yourself get too worked up or angry about their hard shots and fast pace of play – instead, focus on what you need to do to win the point. It means staying one step ahead mentally by anticipating where your opponent’s shots will go and being prepared for them before they arrive at your side of the court.
  • Second, use your knowledge of spin shots and angles to take advantage of any openings created by your opponent’s powerful strokes – even if it means going off-court at times!
  • Thirdly, look for opportunities to slow down proceedings with soft drop shots or angled dinks, forcing them out wide or into deep corners where it is harder to hit winners.
  • Finally, ensure you keep putting away any short balls that come into play to avoid giving them an easy chance at scoring points from these situations, too!

By following these strategies, you should be able to put yourself in a position where it is difficult for your pickleball banger opponent to score points consistently — thus giving yourself an edge in winning more rallies than they do overall!

2. Play Your Game, Not Theirs

Pickleball bangers use loud and aggressive shots to intimidate their opponents. To beat a pickleball banger, you must focus on playing your own game rather than trying to match theirs.

Play Your Game
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It means making accurate shots, using a good strategy, and staying mentally composed. Start by positioning yourself close to the net to intercept any aggressive shots they may send. Use defensive strokes such as blocks and dinks when they hit hard while still keeping the ball in play to score points with your returns.

When serving, vary the speed of your serves and where they land so that it is difficult for them to predict what is coming next. Finally, stay focused throughout the match by taking deep breaths during breaks and reminding yourself why you are playing—to have fun!

By following this strategy, you can beat pickleball bangers at their own game by outsmarting them instead of getting drawn into their style of play and emerging victorious.

3. Hit a Deep Return of Serve

Pickleball bangers hit the ball with much power and speed, making it difficult to return. The best strategy to beat a pickleball banger is to hit a deep return of serve.

It requires controlling the power and placement of the shot so that it lands close to the back line, forcing your opponent to hustle for their next shot. Doing this gives you more time to get into position and allows you to take control of points from an early stage in rallies.

To execute this effectively, use good footwork to move faster when needed and have enough time for a complete yet accurate return. Additionally, practice hitting returns with spin, as this can cause your opponent difficulty in controlling their shots if they don’t adjust accordingly.

With these tips in mind, you should be well-equipped with an effective strategy for beating pickleball bangers!

4. Aim Opponent’s Weakside

Pickleball bangers are players who hit the ball with great power and force. It would be best if you used a strategy that takes advantage of their weakness to beat them. One such approach is to aim your shots at the opponent’s weak side.

Aiming Weakside of Opponent
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It means that you should focus on hitting shots to the side of your opponent where they have less control over the ball. For example, if your opponent’s backhand is weaker than their forehand, try to hit shots that will go toward their backhand side more often.

It will put them in an uncomfortable position and increase their chances of making mistakes or even missing the shot! Not only does this strategy help you win points against bangers, but it can also help you develop better pickleball skills since it requires precise placement and accurate aim.

So don’t be afraid to try this strategy out when playing against a banger – it could give you an edge!

5. Let the Balls Go Out

Pickleball bangers can be a challenge for even the most experienced pickleball players. However, it is still possible to beat them with a strategic approach. The key is to let the balls go out and avoid volleys as much as possible.

This strategy will allow you to control the court and force your opponent into making mistakes due to their lack of control or power.

  • First, ensure that all your shots are placed so they will land outside your opponent’s reach or beyond their reach but still within bounds. It requires precise placement and accuracy for it to be effective.
  • Secondly, focus on taking away your opponent’s angles by using deep shots that prevent them from setting up any offensive attack against you.
  • Finally, use lobs when necessary to keep your opponent at bay while giving yourself time to set up an offensive strategy if needed.

By following this strategy and playing smartly with placement and depth variations, an experienced player can overcome even the toughest bangers on the court!

6. Work on Block Shot

Pickleball bangers are potent players who specialize in a particular style of play that involves using hard, flat shots to overpower opponents. To beat them, it’s essential to have a strategy that focuses on blocking their shots and forcing them into making mistakes.

Block Shot
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The key is anticipating their shots, keeping the ball low, and using defensive footwork to get yourself in position for the block shot. When you’re ready for the return, hit deep with enough power and spin so your opponent can’t pick up an easy winner.

Additionally, practice your serve placement to limit their opportunities for aggressive returns. You can take down even the toughest pickleball bangers out there with consistent practice and dedication to perfecting your block shot technique!

7. Defend With Softness

Pickleball bangers are players who use power shots to dominate the court. Players need to develop a defensive strategy that combines softness and consistency to beat them.

Softness means using spin and lobs to control the game’s pace and force your opponent into uncomfortable positions. Consistency means keeping your shots low over the net, so your opponent has no choice but to hit it back up in a predictable way. It will give you more opportunities to take advantage of their mistakes while they try to keep up with you.

Additionally, changing direction on every shot can be an effective tactic against bangers as it keeps them guessing where you’re aiming for next, allowing you more time for recovery on defense or offense when needed.

Finally, good footwork is essential for you to move around the court quickly and react faster than your opponent can hit their shots. With these strategies combined, players should have an easier time beating pickleball bangers!

8. Keep Your Shots Low

Pickleball bangers are potent players who can hit hard and fast. To beat a pickleball banger, you need to keep your shots low. Low shots force the banger to hit up, slow down their shots, and give you more time to react.

Low Shot
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Additionally, hitting low forces the banger to adjust their stance and stroke, which can disrupt their timing. To keep your shots low, focus on keeping your racquet head below waist level when you contact the ball.

It will help ensure your shot is headed downwards instead of up in the air, where a pickleball banger’s power strokes could quickly blast it back. Aim for placement rather than power when returning serve or during rallies.

Instead of trying for a winner on every shot, focus on hitting deep balls that land close to the sidelines or just inside them; so that you have more angles available for future returns as well as more accessible targets for volleys/smashes once you’ve forced errors from your opponent’s end of the court.

Finally, practice patience when playing against a pickleball banger – don’t try to trade blows with them because they will likely out-hit you every time; instead, wait until they make an error or give you an opening before attacking with confidence and accuracy rather than brute force alone!

By following these tips and focusing on keeping your shots low against a pickleball banger opponent, you can stand toe-to-toe with even some of the strongest players!

9. Bait Opponent With High-Arcing Shots

Pickleball bangers hit the ball with a lot of power, often at angles that make it difficult for opponents to return. While these shots can be intimidating when playing pickleball, there are strategies to beat them.

High-arch Shot
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One such method is baiting the opponent with high-arcing shots. It involves hitting shots with a higher trajectory than the banger’s shot and landing deep in their court. It gives players more time to get back into position and puts pressure on the banger’s technique as they have less time to adjust their shot accordingly.

It also encourages them to hit shorter, lower-arching shots, which can be easier for opponents to deal with as they will have more time and space to return them effectively. By using this strategy, players can counter-pickleball bangers and come away with a win!

10. Mix and Match Your Play

Pickleball bangers are a type of shot that is particularly difficult to defend against, but there are strategies you can use to beat them. The key is to mix and match your play.

It means using a variety of shots and playing styles so that the opponent will have difficulty anticipating what comes next. For example, if they hit a hard banger shot at you, try to return the ball with an angled drop shot or short lob that forces them out of position and gives you time to get back into place for the next shot.

Additionally, when returning, bangers always aim for different parts of their court, so they will need help to predict where it’s going. Finally, improve your footwork so you can cover more court faster and make it harder for them to hit their power shots past you.

Mixing up your playing style and improving your footwork technique, you can beat pickleball bangers every time!

How Big Is the Backswing of the Banger?

The backswing of the banger in pickleball is one of the essential components of the game. It determines how much power you put behind your shots and can make or break your success on the court.

The size of a player’s backswing depends on their skill level and experience with pickleball. Generally speaking, beginners should keep their backswings short of ensuring accuracy, while more experienced players can use more significant swings to generate more power.

Additionally, different types of strokes require other swings; for example, a forehand requires a more substantial swing than a backhand shot. Ultimately, it is up to each player to determine what works best for them based on their skill level and style of play.


How do you neutralize bangers in pickleball?

To neutralize bangers in pickleball, you should focus on using slower shots and angled placements to keep the opponent from getting into a rhythm. You can also use drop shots, lobs, and dinks to disrupt their momentum and force them to adjust their style of play. Finally, good communication between partners can help prevent bangers from becoming problematic.

How do you deal with a slammer in pickleball?

When dealing with a slammer in pickleball, it is essential to remain calm and not become frustrated. It is also important to try and keep the ball away from them by keeping it low and close to the net and varying your shots. Additionally, try to hit deep shots that will force your opponent out of their comfort zone. Lastly, it can be helpful to practice returning high-speed shots to be better prepared when faced with a powerful hitter.

What is 3-person pickleball called?

You can always play this variation known as Cutthroat/Australian Doubles if you only have three players and no floaters are looking to fill in at your neighborhood courts.


Now that you know the top 10 strategies to beat a pickleball banger, it is time to practice those techniques and take your game up a notch. Remember, the key is not to get frustrated and focus on improving your skills rather than worrying about what your opponent can do.

With enough practice and determination, you can improve your performance against any opponent in this fun yet competitive sport. Good luck!

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