How to Clean Pickleball Paddle?

Just like you take proper care of your clothes and shoes. Similarly, it’s very important to look after the pickleball paddle because it can easily become dirty. If you don’t clean your paddles regularly, dust and dirt will build up on the surface and make it hard for you to hit a good shot.

Key Takeaways

  • Glass cleaner is one of the easy way to clean the pickleball paddle surface.
  • Keep the habit of cleaning the paddle grip also, and with time replace it with the new one.
  • Pickleball paddle is made up of honeycomb core, so avoid getting it drenched in the water.
  • Do not keep your pickleball paddle in the car, extreme temperature can affect the paddle material.
Cleaning Pickleball Paddle
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Without wasting more time, let’s explore the easiest ways to clean a pickleball paddle, and make sure that your paddle offers you a smooth surface to hit a shot.

Happy Cleaning!

5 Ways to Clean Pickleball Paddle

Here, we have jotted down a few simple ways to clean the pickleball paddle. There is no need to do a hard job to get your paddle surface cleaned. Follow these easy steps, and you will surely see the positive outcome in few days.

1. Use Glass Cleaner

You can use glass cleaner to clean your pickleball paddle surface. Spray glass cleanser on the cloth, and start rubbing on the dirt area, it will surely work, and give you the clean paddle surface. Do this habit of cleaning with the glass cleanser at least once a week.

Glass Cleaner for Pickleball paddle
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In addition, there are chances that the graphic on your paddle surface will start fading out with time. So, don’t worry, it’s normal, and it won’t give any adverse effect on the material.

2. Magic Eraser

One of the easiest ways to clean your pickleball paddle is to use a magic eraser. It really works out well, you don’t have to do much, just use the eraser on your paddle surface to remove the dirt, dust particles, etc. After that, take a damp cloth and wipe it all over the paddle surface.

Magic Eraser for Pickleball Paddle
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It’s done, you can see the magic…

Try to repeat this habit on an alternative day, it will help you to keep your paddle in a good condition and easy way to clean it.

3. Replace Paddle Grip

Cleaning pickleball paddle not only means the surface, or edge area of the paddle. It also includes the handle/ grip part. If you want your pickleball paddle to serve you for a longer period of time, it’s important to check the grip part also.

Replacing Paddle Grip
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For instance, after every match, keep the tendency to clean the grip area/handle with the towel. It will not only help to remove the dirt but also remove the fingerprint, slippery surface, and preserve your grip.

With time, you will observe that your paddle grip lost its tackiness feature, in such case it is suggested to replace it on time. So, that you don’t have to face any difficulty while playing your match.

4. Avoid Water

Do you know that a pickleball paddle is made of a honeycomb core?

Yes, you heard right, the paddle is made of a honeycomb core, so you should always keep it dry or out of the water. This is because if in case it gets too wet, then there are chances that water will get trapped in the paddle.

If it is not totally drenched in the water, then no need to worry.

However, during the match if it started raining heavily, then the match can be put on hold. If it’s only drizzling, then you can do one thing, cover your paddle under the t-shirt, when you are not in defending position.

5. Keep Your Paddle Bag Inside

After the match do not just keep your pickleball paddle bag anywhere, like in car, backyard area, court, etc. We recommend you to always keep your paddle bag indoor, or where your other sports accessories are stored.

Furthermore, always keep a habit of cleaning your pickleball paddle before placing back in your bag. It will help to prevent your paddle from getting damaged. If you keep the bag outside or in the car, the extreme temperature can damage the paddle surface, which can lead to wear or tear.


What are the most common injuries in pickleball?

The most common injuries one can encounter while playing the pickleball is the rotator cuff tendon in the shoulder, it can lead to severe shoulder pain. Plus, players also suffer from muscle pull, ankle pain, knee issues, etc.

How often should I replace my pickleball paddle?

Generally, it has been found that pickleball paddles life span are between 1-5 years, and also depend upon the usage of the player. Like, if you are using it on a regular basis, and play tournaments, then it’s suggested to replace the paddle between 1-2 years. But, on the other hand, if it’s just your hobby, and you are not that active in going to court, then 1-5 years is more than enough time.

How do you know if a pickleball paddle has dead spots?

Well, the dead spot is easily found above the paddle handle. And, by tapping it with your knuckle, you can feel the optimal area. While playing if ball hit at dead spot it will generate different sound, this also indicates player that something is wrong with the paddle.

Can you leave the pickleball paddle in the car?

No, you cannot leave the pickleball paddle in the car because extreme temperature can damage your pickleball paddle. For example, extreme temperature can cause cracks on the paddle surface, and it will decrease the life span of the paddle.

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