Why Do You Pop the Ball Up in Pickleball? Let’s Check It Out!

Playing pickleball is similar to playing tennis, badminton, or ping pong. However, if you’re thinking about why you’re popping up the ball during gameplay, it can be frustrating for both you and your teammates.

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But why does this happen?

In this blog post, we’ll explore nine reasons you might be popping up the ball in pickleball and give you some tips on avoiding it.

So grab your paddle, and let’s dive into the world of pickleball!

9 Reasons Why You’re Popping Up the Ball

Is your pop-up pickleball costing you pickleball points? If this is the case, here are nine common reasons pickleballs pop up:

1. Grip Strength

Grip strength is essential when playing pickleball. It can mean the difference between a booming shot and one that turns awry.

If your grip strength is too strong, you can pop up the ball in a pickleball game. It happens because your arm muscles are too tense. It creates an upward force on the ball, sending it higher than expected.

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To avoid this issue, ensure the right grip strength for your racket size and use relaxation techniques while playing. You should also practice with different grips, such as the forehand and backhand, to maintain a consistent grip throughout the game.

Additionally, using wrist movements during shots will reduce tension in your arms. It will enable you to put more power behind each shot without popping up the ball. Finally, warm up properly before each game so your muscles are loose enough for proper technique while maintaining control of the racket head speed during shots.

2. Big Backswings

When you take too much of a backswing, it restricts your wrist movement and inhibits shot accuracy. It also reduces the power and spins you can generate on each hit.

You should practice keeping your swing compact with just enough energy to control the ball during play to avoid this issue. Start by focusing on hitting exactly where you want, then gradually increase your swing length as needed until it’s within an ideal range for accuracy and power production.

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Additionally, work on swinging with more elbow flexion, which will help keep your arm more relaxed throughout the motion; this will also let you generate more spin when needed for specific shots in pickleball games.

Lastly, ensure that all body parts are adequately coordinated so that each piece contributes to an effective stroke without causing issues. It includes popping up or missing balls due to a big backswing.

With these tips, experienced and novice players can improve their game by mastering proper technique instead of relying on big swings to get results!

3. Contact Point Too Close or Too Far

When playing pickleball, the contact point is essential in determining the game’s outcome. Too close or too far from a contact point with the ball can result in a pop-up shot. It occurs when the racquet is too high and unable to contact a downward stroke.

To avoid popping up the ball, remember two key points: maintain your center of gravity and use good footwork. Keeping your weight balanced is essential so you don’t lean too far forward or backward when hitting a shot. Good footwork will also help you stay in position for each shot and maintain consistency throughout your game.

Furthermore, good hand-eye coordination will help you adjust to different scenarios quickly while avoiding unnecessary errors, such as popping up balls during playtime.

Finally, practice makes a miracle!

4. Moving While Hitting the Ball

When you’re in a pickle, moving around the court and hitting the ball from different angles is essential. Moving your feet and your body can create space and provide more time to make better decisions about how to hit or return the ball.

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If you stand still when returning a shot, you give your opponent an advantage by not giving yourself enough time to react. Additionally, if you aren’t moving while hitting the shot, there’s more chance you’ll pop up or float the ball back over.

This gives your opponent an easy point! Being active and on your toes during play helps prevent popping-up balls and increases agility and footwork, which are both crucial elements of playing a successful pickleball game.

So remember: Keep moving! It will help keep those balls down low where they need to be!

5. Flicking Wrist

When you flick your wrist too early can cause your paddle to come in contact with the ball higher than necessary and send it flying off into the air. The same thing applies if you straighten or break your elbow while swinging at the ball, as this can cause an increase in the loft, leading to a pop-up.

To avoid this issue, focus on keeping a steady swing with no additional movement and make sure that both arms remain straight throughout the stroke until after impact has been made with the ball.

6. Not Being Ready

Being prepared for a game of Pickleball is essential if you want to avoid popping up the ball and getting yourself into a pickle. You can do many things to get ready before playing a match, such as warming up, stretching, and practicing your stroke mechanics.

Additionally, ensure that you have all of the necessary equipment beforehand so there are no surprises during the match – this includes proper shoes, clothing, racquets, and balls. Another way to prepare for a game of Pickleball is by studying your opponents ahead of time; knowing their tendencies can help give you an edge when it comes time to compete.

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Finally, ensure you’re mentally prepared for each match by getting enough rest beforehand, staying hydrated throughout the competition day, and maintaining positive thoughts about yourself and your abilities on the court.

Not being ready for a pickleball game can be detrimental – don’t let it affect how well you play!

7. Spin Overpowers You

When the ball has too much spin, it can cause many issues for players not used to dealing with this type of shot. The spin causes the ball to fly off at unpredictable angles, making returning shots challenging for opponents.

To combat this issue, players must understand how spin works and how they can use their own spin shots against their opponents effectively. Additionally, players must practice controlling their shots with a particular amount of topspin or backspin to adjust accordingly during gameplay.

8. Dinking Over the Pickleball Net’s Highest Part

One of the most common strategies for playing pickleball is to hit your shots over the net at their highest part. It helps you ensure that your opponents will have difficulty returning them.

Doing this also allows you to control the game and not give up points easily due to poor placement or depth. Hitting over the net’s peak requires good aim and accuracy and excellent timing so that it lands in front of your opponent without going too long or wide.

dinking over the pickleball net's highest part
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In addition, it gives you plenty of time to prepare for any return shots they may make, allowing you to remain in control throughout each point. For these reasons, popping up balls over the net’s highest point has become an essential part of playing successful pickleball strategy games.

9. Attacking Under Pressure

Attacking under pressure is the last reason players pop up the ball in a game of pickleball. It typically happens when players rush their shots, resulting in an inaccurate hit that goes too high and results in a pop-up.

Players can avoid this mistake by taking their time and focusing on fundamentals like proper footwork and body positioning. Additionally, they should practice playing with pressure to build the mental toughness necessary to stay calm when facing difficult opponents or situations during a match.

Players can keep their shots low and accurate by becoming comfortable with attacking under pressure instead of popping them up for an easy point for the other team.

How to Stop Popping the Ball Up in Pickleball?

To stop popping the ball up in pickleball, maintain a low center of gravity and keep your feet in constant motion. Use a light grip on the paddle and take short, compact swings to ensure accuracy. Focus on keeping the ball low, hitting it slightly below your waistline. Concentrate on using wrist control to keep the ball flat instead of popping it up.

how to stop popping the ball up in pickleball
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Pickleball players who keep popping the ball up should follow these three tips to prevent it in the future:

Loosen Your Grip

The key is learning how to loosen your grip on your pickleball paddle so that you can generate more power without launching the ball too high into the air. To do this, try using a lighter grip on your paddle and focus on striking through the middle of the ball smoothly instead of using your wrist for extra power.

Additionally, practice adjusting your angle and speed depending on how hard you need to hit a shot to keep it within bounds or score points effectively against opponents.

Stability Is Must

Stability is crucial to pickleball shots’ success. The most common mistake beginner players make is popping the ball over the net instead of driving it down. Players need to focus on stability when hitting the ball to avoid this.

One way to ensure stability in pickleball shots is by using a good grip on the paddle. You should also keep your wrist firm as you hit the ball.

Also, proper footwork is vital to adding stability and power behind each shot. It means that players should be aware of their balance, uses steady footwork, and keep their feet firmly planted before making contact with the ball.

Finally, effective follow-through can help add control and power while ensuring that each shot goes where you intended it to be without popping up over the net.

Don’t Overswing

When playing pickleball, it is essential to avoid overswinging as it can cause the ball to pop up. Players often think putting more power behind the swing will result in a better shot; however, this usually has the opposite effect.

To prevent this from happening, try using a shorter backswing and maintain an even tempo throughout your swing. Make sure your wrists and arms are loose while you hit the ball, and use your body weight to help generate power rather than relying too heavily on your arm and wrist muscles.

Additionally, please keep your eyes focused on the ball until contact is made so you can accurately control where it goes.


How to serve the ball low in pickleball?

To serve the ball low in pickleball, hold the paddle at waist level and hit the ball just below waist height with a downward motion. Aim to contact the ball before it passes over the non-volley line. The lower you hit it, the more difficult it will be for your opponent to return.

How to improve your aim in pickleball?

To improve your aim in pickleball, practice focusing on the ball and where you want to hit it. Work on developing a consistent swing and perfecting your follow-through. Use visualization techniques to picture the ball’s trajectory when you hit it. Lastly, get feedback from an experienced player or coach and adjust based on their advice.

How to keep the ball low over the net in pickleball?

You should use a low, flat trajectory while striking the ball with an underhand swing to keep the ball low over the net in pickleball. Additionally, focus on making contact with the center of the paddle and keeping your wrist stiff to maximize control.

Wrap Up!

In conclusion, pop it ball in pickleball is a great way to keep your opponent on their toes and score points. It gives you an advantage by preventing your opponents from getting into a rhythm and adds excitement and unpredictability to the game. By using the pop-up technique, you can increase your chances of winning while still having fun!

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