What Is a Forehand in Pickleball? Let’s Find Out!

Are you new to the world of pickleball and wondering what all the fuss is about forehand shots? Or are you a seasoned player looking to perfect your swing? Either way, understanding the fundamentals of a forehand shot in pickleball is essential for improving your game.

forehand in pickleball
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In this blog post, we’ll dive into everything you need to know about forehands in pickleball. From how to execute the perfect swing to hold your paddle correctly, we’ve got you covered!

So grab your paddle, and let’s get started!

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What Is Forehand in Pickleball?

Forehand in pickleball is a stroke that occurs when the player hits the ball with the dominant hand closest to the net. This stroke can hit both drives and volleys and smashes over the net. It is usually considered more potent than a backhand shot, and it can help players generate spin on the ball for greater control.

what is forehand in pickleball
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Forehand shots are typically used when players have time to set up for them, allowing them to hit with greater power and accuracy. Pickleball forehands require precise timing, footwork, and solid form so that players can maximize their strength and accuracy while minimizing fatigue.

How to Hit a Forehand Shot in Pickleball?

Hitting a forehand shot in pickleball requires the same skills as hitting a forehand shot in tennis. Here are some tips on how to strike an effective forehand shot in pickleball:

  • Start by getting into the proper stance with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart and your feet pointing toward where you want to hit the ball. Your non-dominant foot should be slightly behind your dominant foot for balance. Make sure you keep your knees bent to move quickly when needed.
  • Grip the paddle loosely with two hands and hold it close to your body at waist level, pointing toward where you want to hit the ball and facing upward at 45 degrees or less from the horizontal plane for optimal control over shots.
how to hit a forehand shot in pickleball
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  • When ready, take one step forward with your dominant foot while simultaneously swinging back your arm until it is parallel with the ground (stay low!). To gain more power and control over shots, continue swinging forward after making contact with the paddle and ball, extending both arms away from the body, and then turning the arms toward each other.
  • Finally, use short bursts of energy when executing powerful strokes instead of relying solely on arm strength; this will help generate more spin on balls. Also, make sure that after each stroke, you return to the original stance position quickly to be ready for the next incoming shot!

By following these tips, you should be well on your way to mastering the forehand shot in pickleball.

How Do I Hold the Paddle Correctly for a Forehand Swing?

When playing pickleball, the forehand swing is one of the most critical shots in the game. To ensure that you are hitting with power and accuracy, it’s essential to hold your paddle correctly.

  • The ideal grip for a forehand swing in pickleball is similar to that of a tennis racket—with your dominant hand at the bottom of the handle and your other hand near the top.
how do i hold the paddle correctly for a forehand swing
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  • Make sure your hands are at least shoulder-width apart and keep a relaxed but firm grip on the paddle.
  • Keep your elbows close to your sides and turn slightly as you swing through to make contact with the ball on its downward flight over the net.

With practice, this positioning will help improve control over power for each shot—allowing players to hit winning forehands consistently!

What Foot Do You Step Onto When Hitting a Pickleball Forehand?

When hitting a forehand in pickleball, paying attention to the foot you step onto is essential. While there are various techniques, the most common and practical approach is to step with your dominant foot first.

It gives you the necessary balance and power for a strong forehand shot. When stepping forward, ensure your back leg follows through quickly after contact with the ball and remains planted on the ground until after impact.

Doing this will help generate more power and control over exactly where your shot goes.


When to play forehand drive?

The forehand drive is a powerful and accurate shot used in pickleball. The opponent should be far away from the net or hit an underhand serve or lob. Also, the drive can generate the winner in a rally to quickly close it out.

How to hit a forehand drive?

To hit a forehand drive in pickleball, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and the paddle held close to your body. Step forward and swing the paddle upward when the ball approaches you, making contact just below waist height. Follow through with your swing, extending it past your hips and letting the paddle finish pointing down towards the ground.

What is backhand in pickleball?

The backhand stroke in pickleball uses a paddle to hit the ball upward, with a backswing that begins from behind and then moves up and over the shoulder. Pickleball uses this stroke mainly as a defensive shot, one of two basic strokes.


Forehand shots are essential in pickleball. With practice and the proper technique, you can quickly master this shot and take your game to the next level.

Remember to firmly grip your paddle, step forward with your front foot, and swing through the ball fluidly. Perfecting your form may take some time, but keep trying! Keep practicing, and you’ll improve quickly.

Now that you know all about pickleball forehand shots, it’s time to hit the court and put what you’ve learned into practice.

Happy playing!

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