How Many Calories Do You Burn Playing Pickleball?

Playing pickleball and want to know how hard you are trying? There are a variety of factors that determine how many calories you burn playing pickleball, including your gender.

It’s easy to overestimate how many calories you’ll be burning while enjoying this fun game. But it helps to know what kind of calorie expenditure you can expect from participating in pickleball sessions.

In this blog, we will discuss exactly how many calories do you burn playing pickleball. So you can understand what kind of workout it provides and if it fits your fitness goals!

Let’s explore how many pickleball calories you burn while playing.

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Calories Burned Playing Pickleball

It depends on several factors on how many calories does pickleball burn. There are two categories of players: “How they play” and “Who they are”. It goes without saying that playing a harder, more intense game will burn more calories than a relaxed, casual match.

The rate at which you burn calories when exercising is affected by your weight, body composition, and other factors. We’ll talk about all the details later. Don’t worry.

Here are some general ranges you can use: An individual weighing 160 pounds can burn 500 calories an hour playing pickleball. Burning 700 calories an hour is possible for a 200-pound person. During a one-hour game, a 160-pound person can burn up to 700 calories, while a 200-pound person can burn up to 900 calories.

Calories Burned Playing Pickleball
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Depending on your intensity and play style, your step count can range from 4,000-7,000 steps.
Racquet Sports Center provided these numbers. Their methods of calculating estimates are similar to those used by various other sources. In addition, fitness trackers like Fitbits and Apple Watches have tracked the calories burned by actual pickleball players.

Uncover the details of what are 3 strategies in pickleball by reading the blog.

30 Minutes of Pickleball Can Burn How Many Calories?

When you engage in a sporting activity, exercise specialists use another unit to calculate how many calories you use. Metabolic Equivalent Task or MET is the unit used to measure how many calories a person expends per minute.

An individual’s MET is calculated by calculating the amount of energy they require when they are at rest. For every 2.2 pounds of body weight, adults require approximately one calorie per hour. For example—To sit quietly and do nothing for an hour, a female pickleball player weighing 170 pounds will need 77 calories per hour.

During a competitive singles game, our average player would require about six times more energy than when she wasn’t playing. It’s the equivalent of 6 METs. This results in a total calorie expenditure of approximately 234 calories for 6 x 1.3 calories per minute x 30 minutes of pickleball.

Is Pickleball a Good Form of Exercise?

Due to the great difference between players and the types of games they play, pickleball can provide one with a very light workout to a vigorous workout.

Playing singles games with a competitive player will ensure that your cardiovascular workout is strenuous, which will help in a good cardio workout. Casual players who play doubles games and play socially can treat their workout like a quick walk.

Playing Pickleball
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You can lower your blood pressure, improve your cholesterol levels and blood sugar regulation through moderate-intensity pickleball exercise, and burn calories to maintain a healthy weight. In addition to giving you a great, agile workout, the movement of your paddle, as well as your entire body—can also tone your muscles and improve your balance.

Click is pickleball good exercise for an in-depth understanding.

How Good is Pickleball for Weight Loss?

Playing pickleball in a planned program that includes nutritional elements can help you lose weight if you play at a moderate intensity. So, yeah, we can say that pickleball is an excellent exercise if you want to lose weight, reduce your blood pressure, and regain your health.

Not only does it involve physical movement, but the strategic aspects of the game require cognitive effort as well. This means that not only are you getting exercise from playing pickleball, but also engaging your mind at the same time.

A competitive game will not only increase your calorie expenditure but will also keep your fat-burning going for hours afterward. To reach your weight-loss goals, you need to play games that are aggressive and provide a full range of motion.

Learn more about warm up exercises for pickleball.

Pickleball’s Other Health Benefits

Pickleball burns calories, but there are plenty of health benefits to playing pickleball, too!

According to the Medical University of South Carolina, racket sports promote better cardiovascular health, lowering the chances of hypertension, strokes, and heart attacks.

Due to pickleball’s relatively low impact, it’s ideal for older players or those who have suffered orthopedic injuries in the past. There is less stress on the joints and muscles because pickleball paddles and balls are light.

Pickleball Health Benefits
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In addition, exercise increases mood and combats depression by releasing endorphins and other bioamines. The sport of pickleball also helps you build healthy relationships with others.

Both physically and mentally, you feel better when you play pickleball regularly.


Which burns more calories-Tennis or Pickleball?

There are fewer calories burned playing pickleball than playing tennis. As a result of tennis’ larger court, the ball moves faster, players travel farther to cover it, and the players strike the ball harder. It all adds up to more energy consumption. Nevertheless, your results may vary, and you’re probably seeing a trend here.

Is pickleball a good cardio workout?

Yes, pickleball is a good cardio workout. Playing pickleball is beneficial to all players of different ages. The cardiovascular health of both young and old can be maintained through hours of pickleball play.

Why your BMR Is important while playing pickleball?

If you are relatively inactive, your BMR is an estimate of how many calories you require for your daily activities. A person’s daily energy needs are essentially determined by how much energy they consume.


Confidently, we were able to serve you the appropriate content about how many calories do you burn playing pickleball.

In conclusion, playing pickleball is an excellent way to get exercise and burn calories. Depending on how vigorously you play, it can be a great calorie burner that helps you stay in shape. A 60-minute game of pickleball can burn up to 420 calories for the average person.

However, this number may vary depending on your body weight, the intensity of play, and the duration of the game. To maximize your caloric burn while playing pickleball, it is important to keep moving and stay as active as possible throughout the entire match.

With any physical activity – including pickleball – proper hydration and nutrition are essential for optimal performance.

Pickleball is a fun sport that not only has great health benefits but also brings people together in friendly competition!

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