What Is a Groundstroke in Pickleball?

Do you know the different kinds of strokes utilized in pickleball? A groundstroke is a fundamental move in the game, and it is essential to comprehend what it is. This article will discuss the details of this particular stroke and how it can help boost your pickleball skills.

Groundstroke in Pickleball
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So, get your paddle ready, and let’s begin!

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What Is a Groundstroke in Pickleball?

The most basic stroke in pickleball is the groundstroke. The ball must bounce before hitting since it is struck from inside the baseline. Use a groundstroke to keep the ball in play and compel your opponent to move around the court to defend.

Groundstrokes have a smooth, relaxed swing and a flat or slightly topspin racket angle. Using this stroke will help you move about the court, control the court, and set up your next shot.

Types of Pickleball Groundstroke

A groundstroke is a stroke where the ball only takes one bounce before being hit. There are two main types: backhand and forehand. The backside of the paddle is used to impact a backhand, while the front side is used to hit a forehand.

Pickleball Groundstroke
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Variations on groundstrokes include topspin, flat, and slice shots. When you hit it downwards with spin, it’s called topspin; when you cross it without spins so that it moves straight and bounces low, then this is known as flat; finally – slicing involves hitting up so that the ball has spin which makes it move slowly and bounce down further.

How to Improve Your Pickleball Groundstroke?

It is essential to consider a few main points when trying to become proficient at your pickleball groundstroke.

First and foremost, be sure to use the proper grip; many starters mistakenly employ a tennis-style grip, but what is preferable for pickleball is an “open” or “semi-open” style, similar to how one would hold a ping pong paddle, as this will give you greater control.

Secondly, keep your elbow up and your wrist stiff while hitting the ball so you can make contact with the sweet spot on its lower half instead of being too high on the paddle, which would cause it to bounce away.

Lastly, remember to follow through with your swing–many beginners tend to stop their movement upon impact, but if you aim for more power and spin, continue swinging until bringing the paddle over your head.


What is a groundstroke in pickleball?

A groundstroke is a shot struck after the ball touches the floor. It can be hit with either an underhand or overhead stroke, and it’s used to keep rallies going and to challenge your opponent.

How do I hit a good groundstroke?

To achieve a successful groundstroke, contact the ball at the center of your racquet for optimum power and accuracy. Keep your arm and wrist loose and relaxed for more speed, and finish the swing with follow-through for directed placement.

What are some common mistakes people make when hitting a groundstroke?

People often err when striking a groundstroke by applying too much topspin, which can make the ball soar and give the other player time to ready themselves for a successful shot. Additionally, they may swing too forcefully, resulting in blunders and less accuracy over the stroke.

Wrap Up

We hope this article has provided some information on the groundstroke in pickleball. The groundstroke is an integral part of any good pickleball game; learning how to utilize it properly can mean the difference between winning and losing. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, mastering your groundstrokes can take your game to the next level. So get out there and practice those groundstrokes!

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