Joola Pickleball Paddle Reviews

JOOLA is a leading paddle sports brand known for their table tennis equipment. More recently, they have expanded into the rapidly growing sport of pickleball with a line of high-quality paddles for recreational and competitive players. This new joola pickleball paddle reviews covers five of JOOLA’s top pickleball paddle models engineered for different play styles and skill levels.

JOOLA Journey Pickleball Paddle


The JOOLA Journey is an ideal beginner pickleball paddle created for new players learning proper form and technique. With its fiberglass surface and polymer honeycomb core, it supplies a balanced blend of control, power and forgiveness to help build confidence.

JOOLA Journey Pickleball Paddle
  • Fiberglass surface creates pop and power
  • Polymer honeycomb core dampens vibration
  • Textured grip improves control and comfort
  • Multiple colors and designs
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver


Design and Construction

The Journey paddle surface utilizes multiple layers of fiberglass to increase pop and add extra power to shots without compromising control. Underneath, the 10mm polymer honeycomb core dampens vibration while providing a soft feel upon ball impact.

The combination creates a forgiving sweet spot and responsive feedback to help newer players master ball control and shot placement as they improve. The Journey meets USAPA regulations for approved tournament play.

The included textured Feel-Tec grip improves handling with its tacky feel to reduce slippage during play. A comfortable 4” circumference size makes the paddle easy to grip for smaller hands. Fun color options add style and visibility on the court.

Weighing just 7.8 ounces, the Journey’s lightweight design reduces arm fatigue, allowing for longer practice sessions as beginners develop proper swing mechanics and muscle memory.

Reasons to Buy
  • Forgiving fiberglass face
  • Cushioned feel cushions impact
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Cool graphics and colors
  • Affordable beginner model
Reasons to Avoid
  • Lacks precision for experienced players
  • Grip wears out relatively quickly
  • Limited pop and speed

Performance and Playability

With its forgiving face and easy maneuverability, the Journey helps new players gain confidence in sustaining rallies and keeping shots in play. The fiberglass surface supplies decent pop for volleys and dinks while the polymer core provides enough control for drop shots and blocks.

The upbeat graphics make learning the game more fun, while the lightweight build allows for easy handling. A well-balanced training tool ready for new competitors and recreational rallies.


The JOOLA Journey lives up to its name as the ideal companion for new pickleball players embarking on their improvement journey. With its forgiving face, soft touch, and lively colors, it excels at getting beginners over the initial confidence hurdle, so they can sustain fun recreational rallies as their skills progress. A perfect training partner designed to make entry into this fantastic sport more enjoyable.

JOOLA Essentials Pickleball Paddles


JOOLA Essentials pickleball paddles provide a step up in performance and durability while maintaining user-friendly playability across skill levels. A dependable all-around option ready for community recreation or social tournaments.

  • Fiberglass face creates power and pop
  • Polymer honeycomb core for control
  • Cushioned ridge grip improves handling
  • Edge Shield System protects paddle edges
  • Multiple graphics and designs


Joola Essentials Pickleball Paddles

Design and Construction

The Essentials paddle surface utilizes a multi-layer fiberglass face laminated over the polymer honeycomb core to increase pop and add some oomph to shots. The 12mm core absorbs impact while providing decent touch on finesse shots and blocks.

An Edge Shield rim system uses thickened edges to protect the paddle perimeter from cracks and peeling. The textured ridge grip provides a comfortable, secure hold during play. Vibrant graphics give the Essentials paddles distinct visual flair.

Weighing 8.2 ounces, the responsive face and easy composite construction make this a versatile option for casual and competitive recreational play. The Essentials provide added power over wood paddles while remaining easy to control.

Reasons to Buy
  • Fiberglass face increases pop
  • Polymer core cushions shots
  • Ridge grip improves handling
  • Eye-catching graphic designs
  • Lightweight balanced maneuverability
Reasons to Avoid
  • Lacks high-end performance
  • Edge Shield adds weight
  • Not suitable for advanced tournament play

Performance and Playability

The multi-layer fiberglass face gives shots slightly more speed and zing compared to basic wood paddles, helping keep ground strokes and volleys deep. The polymer core retains enough touch for controlled blocks, dinks and drop shots.

The grip absorbs sweat and provides a sure hold even during active volley exchanges at the net. A forgiving sweet spot makes the paddle enjoyable and comfortable for extended play sessions.


JOOLA Essentials paddles deliver heightened performance for casual players looking to add more power and improved rally control as they refine their game. The lively fiberglass face, cushioned core, and stylish designs make playing more exciting while retaining user-friendly forgiveness. A recreational paddle ready for good times with good friends.

JOOLA Anna Bright Scorpeus Pickleball Paddle


Designed in collaboration with pro player Anna Bright, the Scorpeus paddle provides serious spin, speed and power for intermediate to advanced competitors wanting a carbon fiber performance weapon.

JOOLA Anna Bright Scorpeus Pickleball Paddle
  • Charged Carbon face increases pop and control
  • Carbon Friction textured surface adds spin
  • Reactive Polymer core tuned for precision
  • Carbon fiber construction for durability
  • Large sweet spot optimized shape


Design and Construction

The Scorpeus blade utilizes JOOLA’s innovative Charged Carbon surface technology to enhance energy transfer for added pop and ball control. The Carbon Friction textured face maximizes spin potential on shots.

The paddle surface surrounds a 14mm reactive polymer honeycomb core tuned to deliver precise ball feedback for accurately placing shots. The fully carbon fiber-reinforced construction provides exceptional strength and consistency over repeated hard-driving rallies.

An engineered sweet spot shape expands the ideal hitting zone toward the edges for more consistent power across the entire paddle face. At just 7.8 ounces, this lightweight carbon paddle can generate heavy spin and speed.

Reasons to Buy
  • Charged Carbon adds serious pop
  • Carbon Friction face maximizes spin
  • Reactive core provides precise control
  • Full carbon fiber construction
  • Engineered sweet spot for consistency
Reasons to Avoid
  • Not forgiving enough for beginners
  • Provides almost too much spin
  • Premium price point

Performance and Playability

The Scorpeus excels at driving deep powerful groundstrokes and angled volleys with extreme spin to keep opponents on their heels. The Charged Carbon surface provides a direct, crisp feel while the core retains enough control for touch shots when needed.

The expanded sweet spot gives shots more uniform precision, while the carbon build offers rock solid stability even when swinging aggressively. A true spin machine ready to take intermediate and advanced players to the next level.


The JOOLA Scorpeus paddle lives up to its scorpion logo by injecting serious venom into shots with its spin-enhancing textured surface and lively, Charged Carbon face. A high-tech weapon designed to give intermediate to advanced players an ultra-offensive advantage. This paddle is built to put opponents on their heels.

JOOLA Solaire Professional Pickleball Paddle


The Solaire paddle utilizes an aerodynamic shape, polypropylene honeycomb core, and carbon fiber rim reinforcement to supply exceptional power and accuracy for aspiring competitors.

  • Aerodynamic AeroCurve head shape
  • Carbon Friction textured face
  • Reactive polymer honeycomb core
  • HyperFoam perimeter weighting
  • Carbon fiber reinforced edges


JOOLA Solaire Professional Pickleball Paddle

Design and Construction

The Solaire blade incorporates several performance-enhancing technologies, led by the curved AeroCurve head shape designed to reduce drag for increased swing speed and quicker reaction time.

The carbon textured paddle face maximizes spin, while the polypropylene honeycomb core delivers precise ball feedback. Perimeter weighting increases stability, while carbon fiber edge reinforcement provides rock solid durability.

At just 7.7 ounces, the responsive technologies make the Solaire easy to swing aggressively with exceptional control. The perforated grip absorbs sweat and improves handling even during active play.

Reasons to Buy
  • Aerodynamic head shape increases swing speed
  • Carbon fiber reinforced edges for durability
  • Textured surface maximizes spin potential
  • Reactive core offers precise control
  • Perimeter weighting adds stability
Reasons to Avoid
  • Lacks overall pop of carbon fiber builds
  • Grip tends to tear quickly
  • Higher price point

Performance and Playability

The Solaire excels at generating easy power while providing a good blend of stability, spin and control. The AeroCurve head shape really does add noticeable speed to swings, allowing players to react quicker and punch volleys with precision.

The carbon face supplies ample spin on ground strokes without losing accuracy. The honeycomb core retains a soft touch for finesse play at the net. A versatile performer ready for aspiring competitors looking to ratchet up their power and spin game.


The JOOLA Solaire paddle allows developing competitors to elevate their performance with spin-enhancing technologies in an aerodynamic and reinforced design. The lively face, curved head shape and honeycomb core provide a perfect blend of speed, spin and control. Aggressive players will love the easy acceleration and pop.

JOOLA Seneca Pickleball Paddle


The Seneca pickleball paddle utilizes a 16mm carbon fiber face and thick polymer core to supply exceptional touch and shot shaping ability, along with added power and durability.

JOOLA Seneca Pickleball Paddle
  • Carbon Drive surface for soft touch
  • 16mm polymer honeycomb core
  • Cushioned perforated grip
  • Larger hitting area
  • Carbon fiber reinforced construction


Design and Construction

The Seneca paddle incorporates multiple layers of carbon fiber into the surface design to reduce ball friction for better control and shot finesse. The ample 16mm polymer honeycomb core further enhances feel while absorbing harsh ball impact.

The carbon fiber reinforced body increases overall paddle durability, while the perforated grip improves comfort during extended play. At 8.1 ounces, the Seneca retains easy maneuverability despite its thicker core and carbon construction.

The larger oval paddle face expands the sweet spot toward the edges for more consistent power. While balanced for all-around play, the Seneca excels at precisely placing shots thanks to its blend of touch and stability.

Reasons to Buy
  • Carbon Drive face provides exceptional touch
  • 16mm core enhances feel and control
  • Cushioned grip improves comfort
  • Larger sweet spot adds consistency
  • Carbon fiber body increases durability
Reasons to Avoid
  • Touch-centric design lacks pop
  • Grip needs frequent replacement
  • Not friendly for beginners

Performance and Playability

From the first hit, the Seneca’s buttery touch stands out, allowing for exact shot shaping finesse and the ability to change pace with ease. The lively carbon face still provides enough punch for aggressive drives and net play.

The Seneca truly shines when dinking and working the third shot drop. Players can shape angle shots or drop the ball on a dime. The expansive sweet spot gives angled shots more uniform precision. A true control player’s dream paddle.


The JOOLA Seneca pickleball paddle delivers pro-preferred precision and ball control performance thanks to its soft carbon fiber touch surface and lively polymer core. The paddle excels at shot shaping finesse allowing players to control pace and placement with ease. Touch-focused control players will love the Seneca’s buttery feel and maneuverability.

New Joola Pickleball Paddle Reviews: Paddle Comparison

Journey: Ideal for beginners learning proper form and rally skills thanks to its forgiving face, soft polymer core, and lightweight maneuverable design. Focused on building fundamentals.

Essentials: Stepping up beginner performance with added pop and improved durability while maintaining user-friendly playability. Ready for recreational games.

Scorpeus: Packed with pro-preferred technologies for maximizing spin, power and ball control. Built for intermediate and advanced competitors.

Solaire: Provides developing players with unique innovations for enhancing power, spin, and placement. Allowing good players to gain an offensive advantage.

Seneca: Precision-focused control paddle supplying buttery touch and expert shot-shaping ability. Caters to touch players able to shape finesse shots.


Q: Which JOOLA paddle is best for beginners?

A: The JOOLA Journey is specifically designed for pickleball newcomers. It has a very forgiving face to keep shots in play, along with a polymer core that dampens vibration and cushions mishits. The lightweight build reduces fatigue for developing players. It excels at building confidence in beginners through its well-balanced performance and easy maneuverability.

Q: What paddle provides the most power and spin?

A: The JOOLA Scorpeus paddle utilizes innovative technologies like the Charged Carbon surface layer to maximize pop and energy transfer for powerful spinning drives. The textured Carbon Friction face is engineered to bite the ball aggressively for heavy topspin potential. This allows intermediate to advanced players to really rip forehands and backhands with topspin.

Q: Which JOOLA paddle best suits touch players?

A: Touch players who shape finesse shots through excellent control will appreciate the JOOLA Seneca. It provides exceptional feel thanks to its multi-layer carbon fiber hitting surface that reduces ball friction for soft blocks, dinks, and drops. The generous polymer core further enhances the lively touch. The Seneca gives players precise control over ball placement and pace.

Q: What technology makes the Solaire easier to swing quickly?

A: The JOOLA Solaire utilizes a unique AeroCurve head shape that reduces aerodynamic drag as it cuts through the air on swings and returns. This allows players to maneuver it faster and react quicker thanks to the more streamlined design. It really does add noticeable acceleration to swing speed and reflexes.

Q: What warranty do JOOLA paddles carry?

A: JOOLA offers a standard 1-year manufacturer’s warranty against defects in materials and workmanship on all their pickleball paddles. This covers breakage under normal use. However, cracks from impacts or wear-and-tear from excessive play would not qualify under the warranty. Users should contact JOOLA customer service regarding any warranty issues.


From joola pickleball paddle reviews, it is observed that JOOLA’s pickleball paddle lineup provides options spanning various play styles, performance needs, and skill levels. Competitors should consider their strengths and technique when selecting a paddle model to best compliment their game.

Beginners would be wise to start with the Journey for its practice-perfecting playability. Intermediates gain an edge, upgrading to the spin and power of the Scorpius or well-rounded technologies of the Solaire.

Touch players will cherish the soft precision of the Seneca. And the Essentials cover all-around recreational play with its forgiving control. By leveraging decades of paddle sports experience, JOOLA offers pickleball paddles ready for every player’s unique needs.

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