How to Become a 4.5 Pickleball Player?

The same rule applies to pickleball: no one wants to stay in the same place in life for too long. We all want to improve our game, just like you and me. You’ve mastered the skills level 2.5, now it’s time to move up to 3.5 or 4.0.

how to become a 4.5 pickleball player
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While it is possible to master the 4.5-level skills, it can be challenging. The following article will help you learn how to become a 4.5 Pickleball player if you have any questions regarding the 4.5 skill set.

Here we’ll tell you how to become a 4.5 pickleball player and how to avoid common mistakes. So if that interests you, let’s begin.

What Is a 4.5 Pickleball Player?

Let me explain what a 4.5 Pickleball player is in case you’re unfamiliar. Based on their skills, pickleball players receive ratings ranging from 1 to 5.5+.

There is generally no difference between an advanced player and a 4.5-level player. Players with a 4.5 rating can perform all the skills from 2.5 to 4.0 and can also play volleys and third shots, poach, and control stroke placement.

In addition, a 4.5 player should be able to identify the opponent’s weaknesses as well as communicate with their partner. Here is the official USAPA skill assessment form for 4.5 players.

Skills Required for 4.5 Rating

Firstly, you need to master all the skills of a 4.0 pickleball player to qualify for a 4.5-skill rating. As a next step, you need to develop the skills listed below.

Serves and Return of Serve

Practising pace, spin, and placement while serving and returning the serve will help you to become proficient. Stacking pickleball strategies is also something you should learn.

  • Serves: A 4.5 player should have a strong serve that can reach the opposite non-volley zone (NVZ) line. The serve is typically between medium and hard, with some spin that helps it land in the NVZ or just outside of it. The player should also be able to execute a variety of serves including low serves, slice serves, and kick serves.
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  • Return of Serve: A 4.5 player should be able to consistently return the serve with control while trying to keep their opponent behind the baseline so they can attack during rallies. They need to anticipate where their opponent’s shot will go and move quickly enough to get in position for an effective return of serve shot such as a deep lob or hard drive down the line or cross court.


Volley skill is one of the essential components of success in pickleball. A player who can consistently hit a deep, accurate volley will be difficult to beat. To get a 4.5 rating in pickleball, you should be able to hit volleys with great accuracy and power from both sides of the court. You should also have good footwork and be able to move quickly around the court to make sure your volleys are well-placed. Finally, you must have excellent anticipation skills so that you know when your opponent is setting up for a shot and can react quickly enough to get into position for the volley.

Block Volley

The 4.5 level requires you to master blocking volleys and placing them in the kitchen. Your opponent might strike the ball hard, so you’ll need this skill to counteract that. You can find multiple videos on YouTube that can help you with this.

Third Shot

Third shots in pickleball require aggressive rally shots or offensive shots. This could be a deep lob, a hard drive to the backcourt, or a cross-court dink with a spin that would force your opponent to move quickly and make it difficult for them to return the ball. This type of shot requires good footwork and accuracy to be successful.

Power in 3rd Shot

Pickleball’s power third shot would involve a hard drive down the middle of the court or to either side, as well as an angled shot. It may also involve using spin to make it more difficult for your opponent to return the ball. A 4.5 player should be able to demonstrate control over their shots and consistently hit soft shots that opponents have difficulty returning, including dinks, slices, and lobs.

In general, 4.5 players should be able to move around the court quickly and have a variety of shots at their disposal. They should also have good communication with their partner and be able to set up strategies for winning points.


The Dink is a great pickleball shot for players of all levels. It’s low and slow, making it difficult to return. In different situations, you can use the Dink offensively or defensively. To keep your opponent off balance, you can use it to set up your next shot. If executed correctly, the Dink can be incredibly effective and earn you a 4.5 rating in pickleball!

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Poaching in pickleball is a common strategy used to gain an advantage over your opponent. In general, poaching is when one partner moves to the non-volley zone (the area 7 feet from the net) and waits for a shot from their opponent which they can then hit back to score a point.

To achieve a 4.5 rating in pickleball, you must master the art of poaching. Here are some tips:

  • Position yourself close to the non-volley zone: This will give you more time to react when your opponents make their shots so that you can quickly move into position and poach for the point.
  • Watch your opponents closely: Keep an eye on where they hit their shots and anticipate where they will go next so that you can be ready with your poach attempt when they send it over the net.
  • Be aggressive: Have confidence in your ability, and don’t be afraid of going up against tough players or coming out on top, even if it means taking risks like poaching or playing aggressively at times.
  • Practice regularly: The more practice you put into poaching, the better prepared you will be when it comes time for competition play at tournaments or club levels

By following these tips, you should soon be able to reach a 4.5 rating in pickleball and become an effective poacher.

Adjust Pace

Players can adjust the pace of a 4.5 rating in pickleball. A player’s skill level generally determines how fast they play, and vice versa for a player at a lower level. Additionally, players should look to score points quickly and choose shots that will give them an advantage over their opponents. Finally, players should try to anticipate their opponent’s shots by moving their feet quickly.


The forehand is one of the essential shots in pickleball, especially for players at a 4.5 rating level. At this level, players should be able to hit a powerful and accurate forehand shot that lands deep in the court. The player should focus on staying low and keep their arm extended as they make contact with the ball while using their wrist to create spin and power on the shot. Additionally, advanced footwork is necessary to get into position quickly so you can hit your forehand with maximum power and accuracy.


Here are the points about Strategy to keep in mind for a 4.5 rating in pickleball –

  • Work on Your Serve: The serve is the essential shot in pickleball, and sets up the rest of your game. Take the time to practice different serving techniques and find one that works well for you.
  • Improve Your Footwork: Good footwork can help you get to more balls and make better shots. Keep your weight balanced, stay light on your feet, and make quick cuts as needed to get into position for each shot.
  • Practice Patience: Pickleball is a game of patience – if you rush too much or jump into shots without thinking about them first, it will cost you points in the long run! By taking your time with each shot, you will be able to make better decisions about where to hit the ball next.
  • Master Spin Shots: Spin shots are an integral part of pickleball strategy because they can use to set up opponents or move them out of their comfort zone by making them adjust their positioning quickly to return the ball effectively. Take some time learning different spin shots such as drop-shots, lobs, slices and more so that they become second nature when playing against higher-level players!
  • Play Against Higher Level Players: Playing against higher level players will help improve your game significantly because it will challenge you in ways that lower level opponents cannot match – this is especially true when playing doubles since there are two opponent’s strategies (and skill levels) working against yours at once!


A good backhand for a 4.5 rating in pickleball should involve a wide split step and a balanced stance, with the paddle, held slightly above shoulder height and the elbow close to the body. At the start of each shot, the player should form a V shape with their feet, allowing them to move quickly forward or backward as necessary. The backswing should be short and compact, looping up from low to high before quickly transitioning into an extended follow-through for maximum power. Finally, good footwork is essential for linking shots together and recovering between points.


How good is a 4.5-pickleball player?

Knowledgeable of all pickleball rules. Serves and returns of serve under control. They are generally consistent in their play, understand match strategy and use various shots to achieve that strategy.

What is the difference between a 4.0 and 4.5 pickleball player?

A player with a 4.5+ rating displays greater skills, is more strategic, has quick hands, uses power judiciously, places shots more effectively, and consistently commits fewer unforced errors than a player with a 4.0 rating.

What is a 5.0 pickleball player?

HITS ALL SHOTS TYPES AT A HIGH LEVEL FROM BOTH FOREHAND AND BACKHAND SIDE, including touch, spin, pace, and control to set up offensive opportunities. All positions on the court have developed a good touch.


The path to becoming a 4.5-pickleball player requires patience, practice, and time. If you master these skills, you can achieve this rating. You should also note and correct your mistakes when playing pickleball games. Finally, if you want to up your game, you must have a high-quality paddle.

In your quest to reach 4.5, we hope this article will be helpful. My best wishes to you!

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