How Many Pickleball Courts Fit on a Tennis Court?

It’s easy to understand why: pickleball combines elements of tennis, badminton, and table tennis into a fast-paced game that can be played indoors or outdoors.

But have you ever wondered how many pickleball courts fit on a regular tennis court? The answer might surprise you!

Pickleball Court
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Through this blog, we’ll explore the space requirements for both sports and determine just how many pickleball courts can fit on a single tennis court. We’ll also discuss ways to make better use of existing court space by converting it from one sport to another.

So, grab your paddle, and let’s get started!

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How Many Pickleball Courts Fit on a Tennis Court?

A standard tennis court can accommodate a maximum of four pickleball courts. However, the implementation of each pickleball court layout, including a pickleball court or two, can be beneficial. In addition to your needs, equipment, and whether your court has angled edges, you must decide which one is right for you.

Throughout this article, I will show you how to set up a single pickleball court, two pickleball courts on a tennis court, or four pickleball courts on a tennis court. Here are a few easy solutions you can choose from.

One Pickleball Court per Tennis Court

Using the same net as the tennis court, lowering it a few inches, and laying out the pickleball court lines on top of the existing court is the easiest and simplest way to turn it into a pickleball court.

One Pickleball Court per Tennis Court
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Simply add another set of lines to your court to achieve this. As a result, you can use the court for either tennis or pickleball with only a few minor adjustments.

There is a pickleball court next to my neighbourhood tennis court, and it is easy to see the blue lines compared to the white lines on the tennis court. In my opinion, this is a simple solution that should be available on any public tennis court.

Two Pickleball Courts per Tennis Court

Stacking two pickleball courts lengthwise on either side of the tennis net allows you to fit at least a pair of pickleball courts on a tennis court. Using this setup, there should be two portable pickleball nets on either side of the tennis net.

Two Pickleball Courts per Tennis Court
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Essentially, the tennis net serves as a backdrop to prevent the pickleball from exiting the entire playing area and interfering with the other game. There are two dedicated pickleball nets required for this layout.

Four Pickleball Courts per Tennis Court

Using two pickleball courts on either side of the tennis net, you can fit four pickleball courts per tennis court if you need the maximum number of pickleball courts.

To keep pickleball from getting in the way of other games, you can use the tennis net as a dividing backdrop, but you’ll have to provide your pickleball nets.

Four Pickleball Courts per Tennis Court

On the negative side, there is a lot of congestion and confusion on one tennis court with four pickleball courts. In pickleball, the out-of-bounds lines can be confusing because of the tennis court’s singles and doubles lines.

There will also be a negative impact on the game if there is a lack of clarity regarding the out-of-bounds lines.

A tennis court with four pickleball courts is not ideal, in my opinion.

Pickleball Court Conversion

Whether you want a permanent or temporary conversion, you have several options when it comes to converting a tennis court into a pickleball court.

Some prefer to add pickleball lines to a tennis court so they can use it both for tennis and pickleball, while others prefer to position pickleball courts on either side of the tennis net using portable pickleball nets.

In some parks and recreational centres, permanent reconstruction of tennis courts into pickleball courts is an option when no one is using the tennis courts.

As more parks opt to downsize their tennis courts into pickleball courts and keep three tennis courts, this is becoming more common. Pickleball has even become the predominant sport in some places, while tennis courts have been abandoned altogether by others.

How to Create a Pickleball Court Outline?

Depending on whether you want pickleball lines to be permanent or temporary, you can add pickleball lines to tennis courts with chalk, paint, or tape.

A popular reason why blue contractor’s chalk is so popular is that it leaves somewhat durable marks that are easy to wash off when needed.

There is also the option of purchasing vinyl rubber corners and sidelines to place inside the tennis court, like the yellow and red Yaegoo Pickleball Court Spot Markers.

A silicone backing allows for minimal skids, and they measure 2.9 inches wide. For half a pickleball court, there are four corner line markets and eight straight lines included in the package.

Other court line marker products are available for those who do not wish to lay tape or paint permanent lines on their pickleball courts.

Tips for Building Pickleball Courts on Tennis Courts

Making your pickleball courts requires several considerations to ensure that you have the best possible playing surface. Among them are:

  • Set up the pickleball courts facing north to south to prevent the sun from directly shining in a player’s eyes. Setting up pickleball courts perpendicular to tennis courts, which already follow this rule, is generally not a good idea. 
  • Clean the playing surface thoroughly and remove all debris before applying chalk or paint.
  • Adapting a tennis net into a pickleball net is easier with a tennis net adjuster like the Convert a Net Tennis Net Converter.
  • Make your pickleball lines different colours from your tennis lines to avoid confusion.


Can You Fit 4 Pickleball Courts on a Tennis Court?

The minimum size of a pickleball court is 30’x60′. A tennis court pad of that size is exactly one-fourth its normal size. As a result, four pickleball courts can be put in the same space as a tennis court, except for angled corners on some tennis courts.

Is a Pickleball Court the Size of a Tennis Court?

There are 60 feet in width and 120 feet in length on tennis courts, but pickleball courts are 20 feet in width and 44 feet in length, about the same size as badminton courts. There is space for four pickleball courts on a standard tennis court!

Can you play pickleball on a tennis court?

Tennis courts are suitable for pickleball. The court surface and net height on tennis courts are ideal for playing pickleball. Several minor adjustments can make it work perfectly. There are also basketball courts and badminton courts available if you need them.


There you go! Pickleball courts are easy to convert from tennis courts. Isn’t that super easy?

If the tennis court has angled edges or if you want to use the tennis net for pickleball, you can fit four pickleball courts into one tennis court or fewer.

To set up one pickleball court on one tennis court, simply adjust the middle strap to lower the net a few inches to meet regulatory standards.

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  1. Do you know if it’s possible to layout 2 pickleball courts on a tennis court with the courts perpendicular to the normal direction of tennis play?

    • Well, a better option would be to layout two pickleball courts parallel to the normal direction of tennis play. For that, you can use temporary lines or tape to mark the boundaries. So, in this way, you will have enough space for the sidelines. One friendly suggestion, go for portable pickleball nets, they are easy to set up and take off.


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