Head Gravity Pickleball Paddle Review

Pickleball’s exponential growth in popularity has led major sports equipment companies like HEAD to enter the market. HEAD leverages decades of experience crafting high-performance tennis, squash and other racquet sports gear in designing its new line of Gravity pickleball paddles.

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In this in-depth review, we will analyze the features, technologies, specs and performance of the Gravity paddle series:

  • Gravity Tour
  • Gravity Lite
  • Gravity LH
  • Gravity SH

We’ll compare the models to identify key similarities and differences. And we’ll provide recommendations on which Gravity paddle best suits certain playing styles, skill levels and preferences. Let’s dive in!

Overview of HEAD Pickleball

Before looking at the Gravity paddles specifically, it’s helpful to understand HEAD’s broader pickleball paddle engineering and design approach.

HEAD’s Pickleball Paddle Focus

HEAD emphasizes using cutting-edge materials and technologies to optimize several key pickleball paddle performance factors:

  • Power – Generating ball speed and pop off the face
  • Control – Exact placement and finesse
  • Spin – Heavy topspin for control and strategy
  • Maneuverability – Quick reaction time and handling
  • Comfort – Shock absorption and playability
  • Touch – Soft feel on ball contact

Construction Materials

All Gravity paddles use a hybrid composite face combining:

  • Polypropylene (PP): Durable yet flexible polymer that dampens vibration.
  • Carbon Fiber (CF): Lightweight for fast swing speeds.
  • Glass Fiber (GF): Adds rigidity to the hitting surface.
This hybrid material provides an excellent blend of control, power and precision.
Head Pickleball Paddle

Core Technology

Underneath the face, HEAD uses two different core technologies in the Gravity series to optimize feel:

  • SweetSpot Power Core: Injected polymer foam designed to add power and soften impact feel. Used in the Gravity Tour and Gravity SH.
  • Foamed Core: Softer blown-foam interior for a more dampened touch on contact. Implemented in the Gravity Lite and Gravity LH.
  • Both cores enhance control: But the SweetSpot core prioritizes adding power, while the Foamed core focuses more on finesse and comfort.

Smart Shape Design

All Gravity paddles utilize HEAD’s unique “flip shape” design. This gives the paddle face rounded edges on one side for touch shots and sharp, square edges on the other side for driving power shots.

The asymmetric shape essentially provides two paddle faces in one – a quick-reaction control shape on one side and maximum power shape on the other. The Gravity SH extends this concept further by enlarging the total surface area compared to a standard paddle face.

1. Gravity Tour Pickleball Paddle

As the flagship paddle in the Gravity series, the Gravity Tour pickleball paddle is engineered for maximum power and spin. It provides a heavier-weight option well-suited to aggressive, hard-hitting play. The Gravity Tour sits at the top of the line as HEAD’s flagship paddle, built for power and aggression.

Gravity Tour Pickleball Paddle


The SweetSpot Power Core creates an unbelievably soft touch on contact for pinpoint control, even when swinging full-force. The signature flip shape supplies an elongated sweet spot for more coverage. And the Extreme 3D textured surface bites the ball for heavy topspin.

Overall, the Gravity Tour is the perfect paddle for competitive players who rely on speed, power, and heavy spin for dominating offense.

Grip Circumference105mm, 98mm
Hybrid hitting surfacePolypropylene + Carbon Fiber + Glass Fiber
SweetSpot Power CoreYes
Extreme 3D Spin texture on faceYes
Stabilizer handleYes

Benefits and Performance

Weighing in at 230g, the Gravity Tour has a heavier swing weight that generates tremendous power and stability even on hard-hit shots. Yet it still feels very maneuverable in hand.

The SweetSpot Power Core gives it an unbelievably soft touch on contact for outstanding control and feel. You can really swing this paddle hard without losing precision.

The Extreme 3D Spin surface texture grabs and bite the ball to produce very heavy topspin. This enables better control of shot placement and trajectory. The wider paddle shape and stabilizer handle provide excellent stability for solid impact even on fast swing speeds.

Overall, the Gravity Tour is designed for aggressive play focused on speed, spin and power. It’s ideal for competitive players with strong mechanical skills. The perfect paddle for pickleball “power hitters.”

Reasons to Buy
  • Generates tremendous power on shots
  • Provides excellent stability even on hard swings
  • Creates heavy spin for shot control
  • Outstanding pop and touch from SweetSpot Power Core
  • Ideal for aggressive hitters and spin players
Reasons to Avoid
  • Heavier weight reduces maneuverability
  • Not as suitable for finesse shots
  • Expensive price tag
  • Too much power for some players

Recommended For

  • Advanced players
  • Power-focused play styles
  • Fast, topspin swing strokes
  • Strength and speed over finesse

2. Gravity Lite Pickleball Paddle

The Gravity Lite pickleball paddle focuses on finesse, quickness, and versatile control. Weighing just 215g, the Lite is extremely easy to maneuver with quick reactions. As the name suggests, the Gravity Lite shaves weight to become more maneuverable while retaining high performance and comfortable feel.

Gravity Lite Pickleball Paddle


The flexible Foamed Core provides a soft touch on contact for placing delicate touch shots. The flip shape allows you to move seamlessly between control and power. And the SpinOn coating maximizes spin potential for shaping shots.

Overall, the Gravity Lite is an excellent choice for well-rounded play and lightning-quick reactions at the non-volley zone.

Grip Circumference105mm, 98mm
Hybrid hitting surfacePolypropylene + Carbon Fiber + Glass Fiber
Foamed CoreYes
Extreme 3D Spin texture on faceYes
SpinOn coating for added spinYes

Benefits and Performance

At 215g, the Gravity Lite is 15g lighter than the Gravity Tour. This gives it a more quick and nimble feel in your hands. The paddle is easy to whip around and requires less effort to generate racket-head speed.

The Foamed Core provides an extremely soft touch on contact. You can really feel the ball compressing into the face cushioning. This caters to more touch-based finesse play. Spin potential is maximized through the Extreme 3D Spin texture coupled with the Spin On coating. You can shape shots with heavy topspin using just a flicking motion of the wrist.

Head Pickleball Paddle Review

Overall, the Gravity Lite focuses more on control, placement and finesse over raw power. The quicker maneuverability suits reactive play and easily taking the ball out of the air. A great choice for touch players.

Reasons to Buy
  • Very lightweight and maneuverable
  • Easier to swing quickly for spin and reactions
  • Foamed core provides soft touch on shots
  • Ideal for touch play, dinks and quickness
  • Most well-rounded and versatile Gravity paddle
Reasons to Avoid
  • Lacks the raw power of the Tour model
  • Not as suitable for dominating power players
  • Foamed core doesn’t provide as much pop

Recommended For

  • Finesse playing styles
  • Quick reaction time
  • Touch shots and placement
  • Beginner to intermediate players

3. Gravity LH Pickleball Paddle

The Gravity LH pickleball paddle is designed specifically for players using a two-handed grip style. It features an extended handle to provide more surface area for a two-handed hold on both forehand and backhand strokes. Designed for players using a two-handed gripping technique on both forehand and backhand strokes.

Gravity LH Pickleball Paddle


The LH offers a bit more power and plow-through for driving shots with the leverage of a dual-handed grip. The flexible Foamed Core enhances feel and control, especially on backhands. And the signature flip shape supports versatile shot-making from all angles.

Overall, the Gravity LH allows two-handed players to maximize control, leverage, and stability thanks to its specialized shaping and technologies.

Grip Circumference105mm, 98mm
Hybrid hitting surfacePolypropylene + Carbon Fiber + Glass Fiber
Foamed CoreYes
Extended handle lengthYes

Benefits and Performance

The Gravity LH offers the same face surface and foamed core as the Gravity Lite. The key differentiation is the longer handle, which provides more surface area for a two-handed grip.

The slightly heavier 225g weight gives the LH model just a bit more mass. This adds some plow-through power on two-handed swing strokes.

The soft foamed core enhances control and feel, especially for backhand shots. The lower weight makes the LH very easy to maneuver, ideal for a double-handed style requiring quick reactions.

For players using a two-handed grip on both sides, the Gravity LH allows better leverage and more stability thanks to the extended handle length.

Reasons to Buy
  • Extended handle creates stable grip for two hands
  • Same touch and control as Lite version
  • Gives leverage for driving 2-handed strokes
  • Excellent for backhand control and power
Reasons to Avoid
  • Extra handle length takes adjusting for some
  • Weighting not ideal for every 2-hand player
  • Higher price for a specialized handle
  • Heavier than standard Lite version

Recommended For

  • Two-handed grip on forehand AND backhand
  • Beginner to intermediate players
  • Finesse-focused play
  • Added stability on shots

4. Gravity SH Pickleball Paddle

The Gravity SH pickleball paddle provides extra coverage for players who grip higher up on the handle. It has an oversized paddle face that dramatically enlarges the sweet spot in the upper portion of the hitting area. The Gravity SH provides an oversized paddle face with a larger sweet spot suited for players that grip higher up the handle.

Gravity SH Pickleball Paddle


The Gravity SH is extremely maneuverable while still supplying ample power thanks to the SweetSpot Power Core. The enlarged surface area ensures you get the same great touch and pop even when choking up on the grip.

Overall, the Gravity SH is ideal for players who hold the paddle closer to the face and need the expanded sweet spot higher in the hitting zone.

Grip Circumference105mm, 98mm
Hybrid hitting surfacePolypropylene + Carbon Fiber + Glass Fiber
SweetSpot Power CoreYes
Enlarged paddle face and hitting areaYes

Benefits and Performance

Weighing 220g, the Gravity SH is extremely maneuverable and easy to swing fast. Yet the SweetSpot Power Core still gives it plenty of pop on contact.

The paddle’s enlarged surface area extends the usable sweet spot much higher up the face. This provides more coverage for players who choke up on the handle.

The SweetSpot core creates excellent touch and control across the larger hitting zone. You can confidently grip higher and still benefit from the core’s soft touch and power.

Overall, the ideal option in the Gravity series for players that assume a higher hand position and need the extra coverage it provides.

Reasons to Buy
  • Massive sweet spot for players who grip high
  • Maneuverable for quick reaction time
  • SweetSpot core provides power and soft touch
  • Ideal for players needing more coverage up the face
Reasons to Avoid
  • Surface size requires adjusting for some
  • Not designed for power on low grip positions
  • Doesn’t generate as much spin as other models
  • Higher price for oversized face

Recommended For

  • Players who grip high up the handle
  • Intermediate players focused on control
  • Large sweet spot coverage

Comparing Gravity Pickleball Paddles

Now that we’ve reviewed each Gravity paddle model individually, let’s directly compare them across some key factors:


The 30g range allows you to choose the weight best suited to your strength and swing speed. Heavier paddles provide more power and stability. Lighter paddles are quicker and more maneuverable.

Core Technology

The SweetSpot core adds pop and power on contact. The softer Foamed core enhances control and finesse play.


With its 230g weight and SweetSpot core, the Tour can really plow shots with force. The Lite focuses more on control through lighter weight and Foamed core.

Control and Touch

The Lite’s flexibility and foamed core provide the softest touch and feel. The Tour favors power over finesse.

Gravity Pickleball Paddle Reviews


Again, the 30g weight difference makes the Lite quicker handling and easier to swing smoothly.

Spin Potential

The grippy 3D Spin texture on the Tour’s large surface generates heavy topspin. The SH is designed more for power across its sweet spot.

Ideal for Two-Handed Grips

With its extended handle, the LH is uniquely engineered for two-handed forehand and backhand styles.

Best for High Grip Positions

The SH’s oversized face provides more coverage higher up the paddle to accommodate choking up.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Head Gravity paddle perform on the court?

Performance can be subjective and depends on individual playing style and preferences. Reviews from players who have used the Head Gravity paddle can provide insight into its on-court performance.

Is the Head Gravity paddle suitable for beginners or advanced players?

Some paddles are designed for beginners, while others cater to intermediate or advanced players. Understanding the target audience of the Head Gravity paddle will help players choose the right option for their skill level.

What is the weight range of the Head Gravity paddle?

Paddles come in different weight ranges, typically ranging from around 6 to 9 ounces. Knowing the weight of the Head Gravity paddle can help players select the right paddle that suits their style of play.

What type of grip does the Head Gravity paddle have?

Paddles may have different grip sizes and materials, such as cushioned grips or perforated grips for better sweat absorption. Knowing the type of grip on the Head Gravity paddle can be essential for player comfort.

Where can I find reviews for the Head Gravity pickleball paddle?

Reviews can often be found on pickleball-related websites, online retailers, and social media platforms. It’s advisable to look for reviews from reputable sources to get an unbiased opinion.

How much does the Head Gravity pickleball paddle cost?

The price of the Head Gravity paddle may vary depending on the model and the place of purchase. Checking with authorized retailers or the official Head website can provide pricing information.


With its Gravity series, HEAD succeeds in creating a lineup of paddles that cater to different needs and playing styles. Overall, the Gravity paddle series delivers excellent performance and versatility across ability levels. If we had to recommend one single paddle with the widest appeal, the Gravity Lite gets our top pick. It provides the best all-around blend of control, power, spin and maneuverability.

No matter your skill level or playing style, be sure to demo and compare paddles before deciding. But the HEAD Gravity series should absolutely be on your list of paddles to test out. They offer quality construction and innovative technologies ideal for taking your pickleball game to the next level.

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