Can You Double Hit in Pickleball? Let’s Find Out!

Pickleball is a game that’s gaining popularity due to its simplicity and fun gameplay. But as with any sport, there are rules that players must follow to play pretty. One of the most common questions pickleball enthusiasts ask is whether you can double hit in pickleball.

can you hit the ball twice in pickleball
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It may seem simple, but the answer is more complex than you think! This blog post will dive into pickleball and explore everything you need about double hits in this exciting game.

So grab your paddles because it’s time to find out if hitting the ball twice is permitted in pickleball!

What Is a Double-Hit?

During pickleball, a double hit occurs when the ball is hit twice consecutively or with another player’s help. It violates the rules and results in a point for the opposing team.

Double hits can occur when two players aim for the same shot. Players can also hit their shots twice, simultaneously, or hit each other’s shots.

what is a double hit
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Double hits occur most frequently after volley attempts. Double hits occur when two players hit the ball simultaneously on separate occasions before touching anything else.

It’s essential to know what constitutes a double hit to ensure fair play and an enjoyable pickleball game.

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Rules of Double-Hit in Pickleball

In pickleball, players use paddles to hit a ball over a net on the court. Double-hitting is one of the pickleball rules, which states that two players can strike the ball at once. The double-hit rule applies to both singles and doubles games.

In pickleball, a double hit occurs when two players make contact with the ball at the same time. Players cannot score points on double-hit shots and must continue to play. In the meantime, they must take a legal shot without contacting their partners.

Suppose during play, a player accidentally hits their own partner’s paddle while returning the serve or pass back in space. If this occurs, both partners involved in that rally (or round) lose points as a result of illegal double hits.

Pickleball players aim to avoid foul shots, such as double hits, which would result in point deductions for either side. One should focus on proper technique when returning shots and try not to allow accidental collisions between partners’ paddles.

Are Double-Hits Permitted in Pickleball?

One of the critical rules in pickleball is that players are not permitted to make double hits on the ball.

are double hits permitted in pickleball
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A double-hit occurs when a player strikes the ball twice in succession before it crosses over the net. This rule is in place because it gives one player an unfair advantage; if one can hit the ball twice before it goes across, they have more control over where it will land than their opponent.

Double hits also slow down play as each repeated contact with the ball reduces speed and spin, making rallies shorter and less exciting for spectators or other players involved in doubles games.

While some players may find ways to get around this rule by using quick reflexes or deceptive shots. Double hits are generally not allowed in pickleball games due to their potential for giving one player an unfair advantage and reducing the overall enjoyment of play for everyone involved.

When Is It Illegal to Double-Hit?

In pickleball, double-hitting occurs when a player strikes the ball twice in a row while attempting to return it to their opponent. Under the official rules of pickleball, it is prohibited to double-hit a ball, and players who do so face penalties.

The main reason for this regulation is that double-hitting gives the player an advantage over their opponent because it allows them to quickly control where and how hard they smash the ball.

Furthermore, double-hitting might put other players on the court in jeopardy because they may not expect or be prepared for such a powerful shot. As a result, players must exercise extreme caution when returning shots to prevent unwittingly committing this foul.

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What Is the Penalty for an Illegal Double-Hit?

The penalty for an illegal double hit in pickleball is a point awarded to the opposing team. A double-hit occurs when a player strikes the ball twice in succession or with two different body parts while attempting to hit it.

It is not allowed and will result in an immediate point awarded to the other team. This rule aims to ensure that players are using only one stroke per volley, which adds to the game’s speed and intensity.

what is the penalty for an illegal double hit
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Sometimes, a referee may be present at pickleball games and can make the call if they notice an illegal double-hit. If no referee is present, then both teams must agree on whether or not a double hit occurred before awarding any points.

How to Avoid Double-Hits in Pickleball?

Some rules must be followed to avoid double hits or strokes made by both players simultaneously.

  • First, when playing pickleball, it’s essential to maintain good court positioning and footwork. By keeping your feet close together, you’ll be able to react more quickly if your opponent hits a shot toward you. It will help you get into position quicker to make a valid return shot without hitting the ball twice (a double hit).
  • Second, always watch your opponent’s paddle when they are hitting the ball back toward you. If they have already made contact with the ball, then it’s best not to try and hit it again, as this will result in a double hit which is illegal according to pickleball rules.
  • Lastly, practice good sportsmanship when playing pickleball by being aware of each other’s shots so that neither player unintentionally commits a double-hit violation during gameplay. It’s also essential for players not to rush their shots; take some time before returning any shots sent across the court, as this will help ensure against any accidental double hits on either side of the net!

By following these tips, players can avoid double hits and play a safe and enjoyable game of pickleball.


Can you hit the ball twice on your side?

No, you cannot hit the ball twice on your side in pickleball. In pickleball, a player can only make one contact with the ball before it crosses to the other side of the court.

How many times can you hit the ball on one side in pickleball?

In pickleball, a player can hit the ball up to 3 times on one side before returning it over the net. After the third hit, the ball must be returned over the net to the other side.

How many hits are allowed in pickleball?

The official rules for pickleball state that players are allowed three hits per side before the ball must be returned over the net. It includes volleys, which are hits made before the ball bounces. If the ball bounces on the player’s side of the court before it is hit, it counts as one hit. If the ball is hit more than three times before it goes over the net, the point will be awarded to the other team.

Can you use 2 paddles in pickleball?

Yes, you can use two paddles in pickleball. The game rules allow each player to use one paddle, but some players prefer to double up and use two paddles at once. It gives them more control over their shots and allows them to hit more accurately.


In conclusion, hitting the ball twice in pickleball is not allowed. This rule is designed to keep the game fair and competitive while also allowing players to maintain control of the ball.

Pickleball rules are essential and should be followed closely for an enjoyable game experience by all players. So if you’re still determining whether you’ve made a double hit during gameplay, don’t worry!

Refer to this article for guidance on what constitutes a double hit in pickleball and how best to avoid one.

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