Bobby Riggs Pickleball: From Tennis Legend to Pickleball Pioneer!

Whether you are a fan of tennis or pickleball, you have probably heard of Bobby Riggs. He was a former tennis champion who won six Grand Slam titles in singles, doubles, and mixed doubles. In addition, he was a pickleball enthusiast who helped popularize the sport in the 1970s and 1980s. In this blog, we will talk about Bobby Riggs pickleball.

Play pickleball at bobby riggs paddle and racket facility.
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If you are looking for a place to play pickleball in San Diego, you should check out the Bobby Riggs Racket & Paddle facility. It is a pickleball player’s dream, with 16 outdoor courts, a pro shop, a lounge, locker rooms, showers, and more. Furthermore, it also offers pickleball instructionclinicstournamentsevents, and a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

History of Bobby Riggs Racket & Paddle

The Bobby Riggs Racket & Paddle facility has a rich history of hosting tennis legends, such as Billie Jean King, Rod Laver, Arthur Ashe, and Jimmy Connors. The facility was owned and managed by Bobby Riggs, who was a former tennis champion and a pickleball enthusiast. He exposed many tennis players and celebrities to pickleball, and he staged the first-ever Battle of the Sexes pickleball match in 1976.

However, in 2015, the facility changed its focus and converted to pickleball. It became one of the first and largest dedicated pickleball facilities in the country. It also became the home of some of the best pickleball professionals in the world. Such as Steve and Jennifer Dawson, Callan Dawson, and Dj Young.

Since then, the facility has preserved its legacy and reputation as a premier destination for pickleball players in San Diego and beyond. It has hosted many prestigious tournaments and events.

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Such as the US Open Qualifier, the SoCal Doubles Open, the Battle of the Sexes 2.0, and the Nike Pickleball Camps.

Benefits of Playing Pickleball at Bobby Riggs Racket & Paddle!

Playing pickleball at Bobby Riggs Racket & Paddle can offer you many benefits for your health, fitness, skills, and social life. Here are some of them:

  • You can burn caloriesstrengthen your musclesimprove your balancecoordinationagility, and reflexes by playing pickleball.
  • In fact, you can learn from world-class coaches who can help you improve your techniquestrategy, and mental game at Bobby Riggs.
  • Helps you to compete in tournaments and events that can challenge you and motivate you to reach your potential at Bobby Riggs.
  • You can meet new people and make friends who share your passion for pickleball at Bobby Riggs.
  • Have fun and enjoy yourself in a beautiful setting with ocean views at Bobby Riggs.

Here are some fun facts and statistics about pickleball and Bobby Riggs that you might not know:

  • Bobby Riggs is the favorite place to play for 100% of San Diego’s top pickleball players.
  • Pickleball had a 21.3% growth rate in 2020, making it one of the fastest-growing sports in America.
  • There are over 300 tournaments run each year in the USA for pickleball players of all levels.

Bobby Riggs was one of the first to promote pickleball as a sport for all ages and genders. He said: “Pickleball is not only good for old people; it’s good for everyone.”


Who was Bobby Riggs, and why is he famous?

Bobby Riggs was a former tennis champion who won six Grand Slam titles in singles, doubles, and mixed doubles. He was also a pickleball enthusiast who helped popularize the sport in the 1970s and 1980s.

What is Bobby Riggs Racket & Paddle, and where is it located?

Bobby Riggs Racket & Paddle is a pickleball facility in San Diego that offers 16 outdoor courts, a pro shop, a lounge, locker rooms, showers, and more. It also offers pickleball instruction, clinics, tournaments, events, and a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. It is located in Encinitas, a coastal city in North County San Diego.

How can I play pickleball at Bobby Riggs Racket & Paddle?

You can play pickleball at Bobby Riggs Racket & Paddle by reserving a court online or by phone. Plus, you can join an open play session based on your skill level and preference. Or sign up for a clinic or a private lesson with a certified instructor, or participate in a tournament or an event hosted by Bobby Riggs or other organizations.


Bobby Riggs Racket & Paddle is not just a pickleball facility; it is a legacy of a tennis legend who became a pickleball pioneer. It is a place where you can play pickleball at its best, learn from the best, compete with the best, and have fun with the best.

If you want to play pickleball at Bobby Riggs Racket & Paddle, you can visit their website at or call them at (760) 473-2672. You can also follow them on Facebook or Instagram for updates on their programs and events.

Therefore, don’t miss this opportunity to experience the ultimate pickleball destination in San Diego.

Come play pickleball at Bobby Riggs Racket & Paddle today!

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