Amazin Aces Pickleball Paddle Review: Get Your Game On Point

Pickleball’s popularity has soared in recent years as people discover the sport’s friendly competition and social nature. Finding the right paddle is key to excelling as both a beginner and seasoned player. Amazin Aces Pickleball Paddle makes quality paddles suited for all skill levels at affordable prices.

I thoroughly tested their Classic, Signature, and Wood paddle models to provide an in-depth review. Read on for a detailed breakdown of each paddle’s weight, handling, performance, features, and overall quality to determine which fits your gameplay needs and budget.

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Overview Of Amazin Aces Pickleball Paddles

As an avid pickleballer, I’ve used my share of budget-friendly and high-end paddles. You don’t need to overspend to get started and improve your skills over time. I evaluated Amazin’Aces’ three main paddle offerings to see how they stack up for recreational and competitive play.

For each paddle, I assessed the weight, balance, grip, face material, core, control, power, sweet spot, and special features. My impressions reflect extensive playtesting to push the paddles to their limits. Whether you’re looking for your first paddle or a reliable backup, Amazin Aces pickleball paddle delivers quality and value across the board.

Amazin’Aces Classic Pickleball Paddle

Best for beginner to intermediate recreational players.

The Amazin’Aces Classic paddle is an ideal starter option for beginner to intermediate players. It utilizes a lightweight graphite face and polymer honeycomb core to provide a comfortable feel and reliable performance. The paddle weighs in at 8.3oz, giving players more control over their shots. At just $40 for a 2-pack, it’s a very budget-friendly way to get all the equipment you need.

Amazin’Aces Classic Pickleball Paddle


Weight and Balance:

The Amazin’Aces Classic paddle has a lightweight feel at 8.3oz. The midweight design suits its blend of control and power. The honeycomb polymer core surrounded by the graphite face creates an evenly balanced paddle.

The weight distributes nicely so the paddle never feels clunky or too heavy. Even during long volley sessions, I never experienced arm fatigue. The Classic paddle’s balance makes it easy to maneuver.

Grip and Handle:

The Classic paddle’s grip circumference measures 4.5 inches in diameter. I found this size provided a comfortable, snug fit for my hand size. The grip contouring and stitched edge give excellent traction, even during sweaty matches.

The grip length of 5 inches allows both one-handed and two-handed grips. The smooth grip tape helps reduce skin irritation and blisters during extended play. The grip never twisted or slipped in my hand when making hard strikes.

Face and Core:

The Classic paddle utilizes a graphite face material for reliable touch and pop. Graphite carbon provides a strong yet lightweight surface. The large sweet spot spans most of the paddle face for consistent contact.

Inside, the polymer honeycomb core adds durability without extra heft. The core withstands heavy use, absorbing vibration and shock on hard hits. Together with the graphite face, the Classic paddle delivers a great blend of control, power, and feel across the face.

Reasons to Buy
  • Lightweight at 8.3oz provides good maneuverability
  • Polymer core gives nice pop and touch on shots
  • Large sweet spot for consistent contact across the face
  • Graphite face offers good blend of control and power
  • Grip size and shape fits most hand sizes comfortably
  • Edge guard protects rim from dings and scratches
  • Comes with 4 balls and carrying case – great for beginners
  • Affordable price point around $40 for a 2-pack
Reasons to Avoid
  • Not as much power as higher-end composite paddles
  • Grip comfort could be improved with more cushioning
  • Durability may be questionable over long term rough play
  • Lacks the finesse of paddles geared for spin shots
  • Control can be limited on touch shots like dinks and drops

Performance and Playability:

During play tests, the Classic paddle performed well above its affordable price tag. The lightweight build made ball control intuitive and swings fluid. While not as powerful as premium graphite paddles, it provided very consistent pop on shots.

The large sweet spot helped keep my volleys and drives accurate across the face. Finesse shots like taps and dinks came off the paddle smoothly thanks to the responsive core and graphite touch. The Classic excelled at drive-focused recreational play.

Extras and Features:

Amazin’Aces outfits the Classic bundle with useful accessories for beginners. Along with 2 paddles, it includes 4 outdoor balls and a carrying case perfect for transport to the courts.

The Classic also features edge guard padding to protect the paddle rim from dings and scratches over time. This preserves the playing surface and extends the paddle’s lifespan. The 1-year manufacturer’s warranty covers defects as added assurance.

Overall Impressions:

The Amazin’Aces Classic paddle performs impressively for recreational play given its budget price. The graphite face and polymer core create excellent balance of control, power, and feel. Paddles hold up well over time thanks to quality construction. For Pickleball newcomers, the Classic bundle provides fantastic value out of the box.

Amazin’Aces Signature Pickleball Paddle

Best for intermediate players ready to advance their skills.

As players improve, the Amazin’Aces Signature paddle offers an affordable upgrade. The midweight design provides excellent touch and control for developing skills. A high-performance polymer core creates great feel on each shot. Visually, the colorful paddle faces add flair on the court.

Amazin’Aces Signature Pickleball Paddle


Weight and Balance:

The Signature paddle weighs in at 8oz, aligning with its control and finesse-focused design. The midweight construction suits developing players looking to improve touch and accuracy.

The polymer core surrounded by graphite face distributes weight evenly across the paddle. This provided smooth handling for spins and touch shots in my tests. The Signature paddle stays maneuverable even during fast volleys.

Grip and Handle:

Like the Classic, the Signature paddle sports a 4.5 inch grip circumference that fits average hand sizes well. The grip maintains its tactile feel over long play sessions thanks to the premium comfort material.

The ergonomic tapered handle enabled both one and two-handed grips during playtesting. The grip thickness helps reduce hand and wrist fatigue on extended games. The stitched edging adds aesthetic flair and helps wick moisture.

Face and Core:

The Signature paddle features a durable graphite face material for excellent touch and pop. Graphite carbon provides a rigid surface that maintains its lively playability over time. The polymer core maximizes control and feel on each shot.

Together with the large sweet spot, the paddle face provided reliable accuracy and pace. The responsive core gave my shots spin and precision needed for placement shots and volley exchanges.

Reasons to Buy
  • Light 8oz weight makes paddle very maneuverable
  • Excellent control and touch on shots due to polymer core
  • Graphite face provides good pop and spin generation
  • Comfortable tapered grip size suits most hand shapes
  • Edge guard protects paddle rim from damage
  • Comes with useful extras like paddle cover and eBook
  • USAPA approved for tournament play up to pro level
  • Attractive graphics and color options on paddle faces
Reasons to Avoid
  • Polymer core lacks the power of higher-density materials
  • Grip comfort could improve with more cushioning
  • Not as forgiving on off-center hits compared to wood
  • Price point around $50 limits affordability for beginners
  • Durability concerns over long term for recreational play

Performance and Playability:

Through extensive sessions, the Signature paddle revealed itself as an outstanding control-focused option for intermediate players and beyond. The nimble feel enabled finer shot placement and finesse.

Returns came off the paddle with precision thanks to the blend of touch and pop from the responsive core and graphite face. The lightweight build allowed me to deliver controlled spins serves. The Signature truly excels at strategic play as skills develop.

Extras and Features:

Amazin’Aces includes extras that make the Signature a great value option. The paddle comes with a cover and passes USAPA standards for tournament approval. Players receive a helpful eBook with pickleball tips and basics.

The edge guard protects the paddle rim during storage and transport. The 1-year manufacturer’s warranty covers any defects that arise early on. For its quality, the Signature paddle is very attractively priced under $50.

Overall Impressions:

The Amazin’Aces Signature paddle delivers outstanding control and finesse for its mid-level price tag. The lightweight design and premium materials provide excellent feel on precise shots. Intermediate players will gain an edge moving up from basic paddles. It’s an ideal step up offering nuanced performance.

Amazin’Aces Wood Pickleball Paddle

Best for beginners seeking a classic wooden paddle.

The Amazin’Aces Wood paddle embraces classic materials and styling for a traditional feel. The 7-ply maple build provides added durability for regular play. While best suited to beginners, the Wood paddle offers a solid recreational option at just $25.

Amazin’Aces Wood Pickleball Paddle


Weight and Balance:

With its 7-ply maple construction, the Amazin’Aces Wood paddle is noticeably heavier at 10.3oz. However, the longer handle balances the weight remarkably well in-hand.

The wood build gives the paddle substantial yet maneuverable feel. While heavier than modern graphite paddles, the Wood paddle’s weight disbursed evenly during playtesting. The wood frame provides natural power that’s balanced by the grip.

Grip and Handle:

The Wood paddle’s grip measures 4 inches in circumference, suiting most hand sizes well. The contoured padding make the thicker handle comfortable to wield, even when wet with sweat. The included wrist lanyard provides helpful security.

The 5.25 inch handle length allows both one and two-handed grips. The grip never twisted or slipped in my hand when making hard strikes. The flared end improves traction as well. Despite its heft, the Wood paddle handles smoothly.

Face and Core:

As a traditional wood paddle, the playing surface is composed of the rigid maple frame itself. The 7-ply construction provides excellent rigidity across the hitting zone. Shots connect directly with the wood surface, resulting in that satisfying knock sound.

Given wood’s dense properties, the paddle face provided a sizeable sweet spot in my on-court testing. The uniform maple build lacks a polymer or other core material inside. But the solid wood delivers reliable face performance.

Reasons to Buy
  • Classic 7-ply maple construction for durability
  • Provides good weight and power on drives and volleys
  • Large sweet spot offers consistent contact across face
  • Grip size and wrist lanyard improve paddle control
  • No need to break-in like composite paddle materials
  • Edge guard protects paddle rim from dings and scratches
  • Comes with 4 balls and carrying case – great value
  • Most affordable around $25 in Amazin’Aces lineup
Reasons to Avoid
  • 10.3oz weight can be tiring for longer games
  • Grip comfort is basic without more cushioning
  • Lacks touch and finesse of lighter graphite paddles
  • Not as much spin generation as composite faces
  • Control limited on touch shots like dinks and drops
  • Power can lead to mishits until you adjust your strokes

Performance and Playability:

The thicker maple frame gives the Wood paddle inherent power, which suited my heavier drives and volleys. The weight does cap finesse somewhat compared to lighter paddles. But spins and touch shots remained consistent when I adjusted my stroke.

The Wood paddle naturally favors an offensive, power-driven approach. Touch shots took some practice to control compared to graphite options. But the rigid maple face provided solid pop on strikes across the surface when I made clean contact. For casual play, the Wood paddle performs admirably.

Extras and Features:

As an entry-level wood paddle, the Amazin’Aces model focuses on quality basics at an affordable price point. The textured grip improves handling, and the included wrist lanyard aids security. A basic but durable edge guard protects the paddle rim as well.

Helpfully, the Wood paddle bundle includes 4 outdoor pickleballs and a carrying case. Having everything required to play right away makes this a user-friendly package for new players. Amazin’Aces also backs the Wood paddle with a 1-year warranty against defects.

Overall Impressions:

For those seeking that traditional wooden paddle experience, the Amazin’Aces model delivers excellent performance and longevity given its budget-friendly price tag. The heavier maple build naturally skews toward power and drives over finesse. But its rigid face is more than capable for recreational play, especially among beginners.

Amazin’Aces Pickleball Paddles


What materials are Amazin’Aces paddles made from?

The Classic and Signature paddles feature a graphite carbon fiber face with a polymer honeycomb core. The Wood paddle uses a 7-ply maple wood construction.

What type of player would benefit from each paddle?

The Classic suits all-around recreational players. The Signature aids developing tactical skills. The Wood fits those seeking a traditional paddle feel.

Do the paddles require a break-in period?

The Wood paddle can be used right away, while the Classic and Signature composite paddles benefit from a short break-in period to reach peak performance.

What skill level are the paddles best suited for?

The Classic and Wood models fit beginner to intermediate recreational play. The Signature works well for intermediate players advancing their skills and techniques.

What accessories are included with the paddles?

The Classic and Wood sets come with 4 outdoor balls and a carrying case. The Signature includes a paddle cover and basic eBook.


Based on my in-depth amazin aces pickleball paddle review, Amazin’Aces paddles provide outstanding quality and playability to fit any pickleball player’s skills and budget. Their Classic and Signature paddles suit new players as well as veterans seeking affordable additions to their paddle lineup. For those after a traditional wood paddle feel, the Amazin’Aces model hits the mark with its well-crafted maple frame.

I was impressed by the consistently high construction standards and useful extras across Amazin Aces Pickleball paddle selection. Their bundles remove hassle out of getting started for beginners. Intermediate players will appreciate the nuanced performance Signature and other models provide as they advance their games over time. With options spanning $25 to $50, Amazin Aces enables pickleball players at every level to step on the court with confidence.

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