Acacia Pickleball Shoes Review: A Buyer’s Guide

One of the most crucial gear for any pickleball player is pickleball shoes. The right pair of pickleball shoes can help to enhance your game by providing traction, support, and comfort on the court. A well-known brand, Acacia, designs and sells pickleball shoes for both women and men.

So dear men and women, are you searching for the pickleball shoes designed and manufactured by Acacia? If yes, then you are at the right place. Because in this editorial product review article on “Acacia Pickleball Shoes Review,” we are going to discuss about the various models of Acacia Pickleball Shoes, which are designed for men and women.

Acacia Pickleball Shoes Review

After that, we are going to provide guidance on which model of Acacia Pickleball Shoes you can choose and how to take care of them after purchasing and wearing them.

Acacia Pickleball Shoes Signature II – Tyler -Cloud- Mens 6.5 / Womens 8.0

The Acacia Signature II – Tyler Cloud pickleball shoes are designed specifically for advanced players who seek outstanding grip and stability on the court. These shoes feature an innovative sole design that facilitates swift lateral movements while maintaining a secure stance. Made with excellent quality rubber, this design offers a dependable grip that stops you from slipping. If you enjoy playing pickleball and your shoe size is either 6.5 as a man or 8.0 as a woman, these shoes could be the ideal choice for you!

Features Of The Acacia Pickleball Shoes Signature II – Tyler -Cloud- Mens 6.5 / Womens 8.0

  • The contoured rubber outsole offers an exceptional traction, allowing for quick and explosive movements on the court.
Sole Of The Acacia Pickleball Shoes Signature II Tyler -Cloud- Men 6.5/Womens 8.0
  • These shoes are made to be super lightweight by using a ProFlex membrane casing and MicroHC mesh. This smart design improves the airflow, ensuring that your feet will remain cool and comfortable.
  • A wider toe box, along with extended kevlar drag guards, effectively protects against abrasion in areas prone to high wear.
  • By utilizing ComfortAir gel insoles and ventilation channels, you can experience elevated comfort. These components collaborate to enhance air circulation, ultimately guaranteeing the coolness and comfort of your feet.
  • The reinforced heel cup significantly enhances stability, especially during lateral movements, providing extra support to your ankles.
  • The built-in heel control system plays a pivotal role in maintaining ground stability, offering an excellent ankle support for added confidence during gameplay.

In conclusion, the Signature II Tyler Cloud model of Acacia Pickleball Shoes is an excellent option for players who need to move quickly and change directions often. These shoes are designed with a sticky rubber outsole and a stable base, providing excellent maneuverability. Furthermore, the upper design of the shoes is both lightweight and breathable, guaranteeing that your feet will remain cool even during extended matches. If you’re seeking peak maneuverability in your pickleball footwear, the Signature II Tyler Cloud model stands out as a top-tier option.

Acacia Pickleball Shoes Signature II Tyler -Cloud- Men 6.5/Womens 8.0


Pros & Cons Of The Acacia Pickleball Shoes Signature II – Tyler -Cloud- Mens 6.5 / Womens 8.0

Reasons to Buy
  • Provides exceptional traction and grip on the court.
  • They are lighter in weight and encourage the flow of air, which adds to their increased comfort while being worn.
  • It offers dependable stability and support, particularly for making quick side-to-side movements.
Reasons to Avoid
  • Their sizes frequently run smaller than expected, so choosing the proper fit may require careful consideration.

Acacia Ultrashot Pickleball Shoes – Tyler Loong Signature Edition

In a joint effort, professional pickleball player Tyler Loong and Acacia joined forces to create the Acacia Ultrashot Pickleball Shoes. These shoes are designed to provide exceptional grip and speed on the court, enhancing your overall performance in pickleball. The Ultrashot is meticulously designed to elevate your responsiveness and footwork, empowering you to move swiftly and react promptly in the heat of the game.

Acacia Ultrashot Pickleball Shoes


Features Of The Acacia Ultrashot Pickleball Shoes – Tyler Loong Signature Edition

  • The premium rubber outsole is optimized to provide excellent traction, allowing for quick starts and stops on the court.
Sole Of The Ultrashot Acacia Pickleball Shoes
  • These shoes are offered in sizes suitable for both men and women, with a difference of one size between the men’s and women’s options.
  • The slightly wider toe box is designed to facilitate specific lateral movements commonly seen in pickleball.
  • They are designed with a lightweight build that improves speed and agility.
Lightweight Ultrashot Acacia Pickleball Shoes

Tyler Loong is renowned for his fast-paced playing style, and the design of the Acacia Ultrashot Pickleball Shoes reflects the importance of lightning-fast reaction times. These shoes enable you to glide, pivot, and move swiftly across the non-volley zone while benefiting from their improved grip. The low-to-the-ground cushioning ensures an exceptional court feel and heightened responsiveness.

Pros And Cons Of The Acacia Ultrashot Pickleball Shoes – Tyler Loong Signature Edition

Reasons to Buy
  • Geared towards optimizing speed and agility.
  • Your feet will remain close to the ground thanks to the design’s low profile.
  • Made with the specific intention of improving quick foot movements and responding rapidly.
Reasons to Avoid
  • May not last as long as certain other shoe models in comparison.
  • Minimal cushioning might result in discomfort.

Acacia Unisex-Adult Dinkshot II Pickleball Shoes

The Acacia Dinkshot II Pickleball Shoes are tailored for individuals of any gender and are intended to elevate the gameplay experience for players at the intermediate to advanced skill levels. Included within Acacia’s assortment of lightweight performance models, these shoes have undergone refinements that elevate the attributes of the original Dinkshot footwear.

Acacia Pickleball Shoes: Unisex-Adult Dinkshot II


Features Of The Acacia Unisex-Adult Dinkshot II Pickleball Shoes

  • The upper is crafted from a polymer microfiber, which is reinforced with ankle support and metal grommets to enhance durability and stability around the ankle area.
  • These shoes feature a honeycomb memory foam insole that serves the purposes of shock absorption and promoting airflow, ultimately delivering comfort throughout gameplay.
  • The midsole is made from water-resistant EVA foam, contributing to a responsive bounce and added elevation while remaining water-resistant.
Sole Of The Acacia Unisex-Adult Dinkshot II Pickleball Shoes
  • The non-marking rubber outsole boasts carved treads that enhance grip and traction on the court, specifically designed to cater to the movements in pickleball.
  • The elevated heel of the shoes is designed to enhance leverage, control, and balance for improved performance on the court.
  • A wide toe box accommodates lateral movements and ensures comfort, allowing toes to spread comfortably even during aggressive steps and lunges.

Weighing in at a mere 12 ounces per shoe, the Acacia Unisex-Adult Dinkshot II Pickleball Shoes emphasize its lightweight nature and ventilation properties. Overall, these shoes present a reliable option for recreational players seeking performance and comfort.

Pros And Cons Of The Acacia Unisex-Adult Dinkshot II Pickleball Shoes

Reasons to Buy
  • Exceptionally lightweight
  • Its toe box provides an abundant space, ensuring comfort for your toes.
  • It improves airflow and ventilation.
  • Provides reliable traction on the surface
Reasons to Avoid
  • Its thin sole doesn’t offer enough cushioning to enhance comfort adequately.
  • It doesn’t provide effective arch support.

Acacia Dinkshot II Womens Pickleball Shoes

If you’re a female pickleball player looking for a lightweight pickleball shoe option that offers high performance, the Acacia Dinkshot II Womens Pickleball Shoes could be the ideal fit for your needs. It encompasses all the important elements of the original design but is crafted with a fit that is perfectly suited for women.

Acacia Pickleball Shoes Dinkshot II Womens


Features Of The Acacia Dinkshot II Womens Pickleball Shoes

  • Crafted for lightweightness and breathability, the polymer microfiber upper enhances comfort during gameplay.
  • Enhanced stability is achieved through reinforced ankle support, contributing to a more secure fit.
  • Shock absorption is facilitated by the honeycomb memory foam insole, providing a comfortable experience on the court.
  • The water-resistant EVA foam midsole adds bounce to movements, enhancing agility and responsiveness.
Sole Of The Acacia Womens Pickleball Shoes Dinkshot II
  • The non-marking rubber outsole is designed with carved treads to improve traction and grip on different surfaces.
  • These shoes are skillfully designed to conform to the shape of a woman’s foot, guaranteeing an impeccable fit that aligns with the natural structure of the female foot.

The Dinkshot II Women’s version maintains the unisex model’s low-profile cushioning and grippy outsole. These shoes are created to be both lightweight and supportive, which makes them an ideal option for female players looking for speed, great airflow, and comfort throughout extended matches and tournaments.

Pros And Cons Of The Acacia Dinkshot II Womens Pickleball Shoes

Reasons to Buy
  • Tailored to fit the anatomy of women’s feet.
  • The upper is lightweight and breathable.
  • Provides a consistent grip on the pickleball court during gameplay.
Reasons to Avoid
  • May feel narrow in fit.
  • Provides a lower level of cushioning when compared to specific other models.

Acacia Proshot Pickleball Shoes

With a sporty appearance, the Acacia Proshot Pickleball Shoe is presented as a footwear tailored to cater to the demands of competitive and professional players. This shoe places emphasis on stability, traction, and a precise court connection, aiming to enhance the performance of players operating at a high level.

Features Of The Acacia Proshot Pickleball Shoes

  • The premium rubber outsole is optimized for multidirectional traction, enhancing grip during various movements on the court.
Sole Of The Acacia Pickleball Shoes-ProShot
  • The low-profile EVA midsole design ensures that your feet will remain close to the court, providing a responsive court feel.
  • The perforated upper design enhances ventilation and reduces the accumulation of heat within the shoe.
  • A specially cut EVA sockliner is included to provide support and cushioning for your feet.
  • The wide square toe box design allows your toes to spread naturally, enhancing comfort.
  • Added stability is provided through the heel counter and torsion bar features.

With a breathable upper and cushioning that brings you closer to the court, the Acacia Proshot Pickleball Shoes offer the precise feedback and feel that advanced players are looking for. The sturdy rubber outsole delivers a strong grip for sharp turns, pivots, and lunges during intense competitive play. This shoe is an excellent choice for tournament-level participants searching for a high-performance pickleball shoe model.

Acacia ProShot Pickleball Shoes


Pros And Cons Of The Acacia Proshot Pickleball Shoes

Reasons to Buy
  • Demonstrates an outstanding multi-directional traction, ensuring a strong grip on the court.
  • Provides enhanced stability and support to elevate your overall playing experience.
  • Well-cushioned to absorb shocks during gameplay effectively.
Reasons to Avoid
  • Weighs more than other Acacia pickleball shoe models.

Acacia Women’s Corrine Carr Signature Edition Pickleball Shoe

Crafted in collaboration with the insights of a top-ranked professional player Corrine Carr, this particular pickleball shoe model from Acacia is exclusively designed for elite female pickleball players. It showcases an array of distinctive features that have been carefully designed to amplify explosiveness and elevate performance, addressing the demands of the game’s highest skill levels.

Acacia Women’s Corrine Carr Signature Edition Pickleball Shoe


Features Of The Acacia Women’s Corrine Carr Signature Edition Pickleball Shoe

  • The spacious toe box facilitates the natural spreading of toes while playing pickleball.
  • Kevlar drag guards enhance protection against abrasion.
  • The perforated upper enhances breathability.
  • The ComfortAir gel insoles offer cushioning while keeping the feet cool and comfortable.
  • A reinforced heel cup aids stability during lateral movements.
Sole Of The Acacia Pickleball Shoe In Women’s Corrine Carr Signature Edition
  • The lower profile shape of the shoe keeps proximity to the ground.
  • They are designed to support the shape and walking pattern of the women’s feet.

By incorporating Carr’s personal insights, this specialized model focuses on delivering the agility and speed necessary for the demanding nature of women’s competitive pickleball game. The upper snugly embraces the foot to provide a custom fit that aligns with the biomechanics of female players. Whether you’re an amateur or a professional, the Acacia Women’s Corrine Carr Signature Edition Pickleball Shoe stands as a commendable choice for competitive pickleball players.

Pros And Cons Of The Acacia Women’s Corrine Carr Signature Edition Pickleball Shoe

Reasons to Buy
  • Tailored for elite female pickleball players, ensuring a specific focus on their needs.
  • Provides excellent grip and stability, enhancing overall performance on the court.
Reasons to Avoid
  • The snug fit might require a break-in period, during which the shoe may feel tight initially.

Which Acacia Pickleball Shoes You Can Choose?

Selecting the ideal pair of Acacia Pickleball Shoes might prove challenging due to the array of its available models. Here are some crucial things to keep in mind to make it easier:

The Proshot or Dinkshot II models are excellent choices if you’re new to pickleball. They deliver reliable performance that might be quite advantageous. These sneakers have a good selection of features and are made for beginners.

Intermediate players who prioritize lightweight traction have two great options: the Ultrashot and the women’s Dinkshot II. These shoes are crafted to meet the demands of players at an intermediate skill level, offering both agility and grip on the court.

Choose The Ultrashot Acacia Pickleball Shoes If You're An Intermediate Pickleball Player

If you’re someone who is really skilled at playing pickleball and you want shoes that can keep up with your competitive spirit, take a look at the Signature II or Corrine Carr Acacia Pickleball Shoes. These models are specially designed for experienced players who want the best performance.

In case you’re seeking superior ventilation to keep your feet cool during intense matches, your choices should lean towards the Proshot or Dinkshot II shoes. These options prioritize maximum airflow, enhancing your comfort throughout the game.

If you want Acacia pickleball shoes that provide solid arch support to prevent discomfort in your feet, the Proshot or Signature II shoes are a fantastic choice. These models are created to give the support that players with arch concerns need.

Thanks to their roomier toe boxes, individuals with wider feet will find solace in the Signature II and Corrine Carr models. These shoes ensure that players with wider feet can enjoy both comfort and performance.

Make sure to consider your skill level, the type of your feet, and your playing style when you’re choosing the perfect Acacia pickleball shoes for yourself. If feasible, trying them in-store will allow you to determine the correct size and achieve the ideal fit.

How to Maintain and Take Care of Your Acacia Pickleball Shoes?

To ensure the longevity and performance of your Acacia pickleball shoes, here are some valuable tips on how to maintain and take care of them:

Thoroughly Dry After Playing: After a game, allow your shoes to air dry completely before storing them. Never put them away when they’re still damp or sweaty. This practice helps to prevent unpleasant odors and the growth of bacteria.

Preserve Toe Shape: When your shoes aren’t in use, lightly stuff tissue paper into the toe area. This helps to maintain the shoe’s shape and prevents the toe box from creasing or flattening.

Gentle Cleaning: Utilize a soft bristle brush to delicately remove dried mud or dirt from the outsoles and the upper fabric of the shoes. Avoid using harsh cleaners or chemicals that might damage the materials.

Maintain Grip: Every so often, use a slightly damp cloth to clean the rubber outsoles. This prevents dust and debris from accumulating on the tread, helping you to maintain a strong grip on the court.

Check For Wear: Regularly inspect the soles for excessive wear. Over time, the outsoles will naturally wear down due to play. If you notice the tread becoming too smooth, consider having them professionally re-gripped to restore their grip.

Use Shoe Trees: If necessary, use shoe trees to preserve the inner shape of the shoes. Cedar shoe trees are especially useful because they soak up moisture and help the shoes to maintain their correct form.

Proper Storage: Store your shoes in bags or containers that allow air to pass through, and make sure not to fold them. This helps to prevent creases and keeps their shape intact.

Replace Insoles: If the insoles become compressed or worn out from extended use, replace them as needed. Quality insoles contribute to both comfort and support during play.


How Does The Sizing Of Acacia Pickleball Shoes Compare To Other Athletic Shoe Brands?

Acacia pickleball shoes are wider than standard athletic shoes, particularly in the toe box region. The size in terms of length is correct, but the fit is intentionally more spacious to match the specific movements involved in playing pickleball. Trying on different Acacia shoe models is recommended to find the right wide fit and comfort for playing pickleball.

Do Acacia Pickleball Shoes Provide Arch Support?

Yes, some models of Acacia Pickleball Shoes like the Proshot and Signature II come with a built-in arch support. Players who require additional arch support can use custom orthotics with different Acacia shoe models. Additionally, the level of ankle support varies depending on the shoe.

Are Acacia Pickleball Shoes Waterproof?

No, Acacia pickleball shoes are not waterproof. Most Acacia pickleball shoe models use breathable and perforated materials in the uppers to allow ventilation during play. This design makes them breathable but not waterproof. Even if certain models have water-resistant foam in the midsole, the shoes remain susceptible to water damage when wet.

Acacia shoes are designed for traction and performance on dry indoor and outdoor pickleball courts. To keep your Acacia pickleball shoes safe and performing well, it’s best to avoid wearing them in extremely wet or damp situations. If you know you’ll be playing pickleball in occasional rainy conditions, having an extra pair of waterproof athletic shoes as a backup is a wise choice.

How Long Do Acacia Pickleball Shoes Typically Last Before Needing Replacement?

With proper care, Acacia pickleball shoes generally last for 1-2 years or even longer before needing replacement. However, the exact lifespan of this shoe can vary based on factors such as the frequency of use and playing conditions. Playing pickleball intensely on rough surfaces often causes the shoes to wear out faster. 

On the other hand, if you use them casually on smoother courts, they tend to last longer. To make them last even more, you can switch between different pairs of shoes and have them resoled when needed. On average, you can anticipate using your Acacia pickleball shoes for about 1-2 years before considering a replacement.


Acacia has cemented itself as a leading innovator in the pickleball footwear space. Their shoes are thoughtfully engineered to provide the ideal blend of traction, support, and quickness that the fast-paced game demands. 

In the Acacia Pickleball Shoes Review article, we have explained about various models of Acacia Pickleball Shoes designed for men and women, which are Acacia Signature II – Tyler Pickleball Shoes, Acacia Ultrashot Pickleball Shoes, Acacia Pickleball Shoes-Unisex-Adult Dinkshot II, Acacia Dinkshot II Women’s Pickleball Shoes, Acacia Proshot Pickleball Shoes, and Acacia Women’s Corrine Carr Signature Edition Pickleball Shoe with their features and pros & cons.

You can choose your correct Acacia Pickleball Shoes from the above models by taking into account your playing style, feet type, skill level, budget, and comfortability. Maintaining and taking care of your newly purchased Acacia Pickleball Shoes is crucial after coming back from playing pickleball wearing these shoes.

After writing this article, we hope the information given above regarding the list of models of Acacia pickleball shoes will be sufficient for you. It’s our hope that after reading this article, you will choose the correct pair of Acacia Pickleball Shoes from its models discussed above and take care of them after wearing them for playing pickleball.

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